Thursday, March 25, 2010


I woke earlier in the morning with a much hesitation. my head was's been 2 weeks since i last had them after i went for some alternative treatment session ( it did helped coz it is quite rare that i don't have headache in a week at all..especially when i need to be in a room with air condition too long**sigh). my P for the month just ended yesterday and i was so glad this month's P was not accompanied with the usual headache. a slight cramp, but i lived.

how sad it was for me to wake up this morning tot be greeted with a strong jolt at one side of the head. yes, i was once told it was migrain, and live life believing i have one. but only recently i was told that if it is migraine, i would experience headache continuously, but mine usually stops after 4-5 hours and starts again the next day and stops again for 3-4 days and comes again, sometimes at the worst of hours (in the middle of a meeting, while teaching presentation and sometimes while DRIVING too!). 

if it is not migraine, what it is then?

i am suspected with an 'alien' thing in my womb, which is causing all the headaches, body aching all over, fatigue & lack of motivation (yes, i do sound like i am a healthy person, ad i am pretty active and energetic, but i guess it's true sometimes, well, OK more than sometimes, i just feel like lying down in bed all day long and do nothing)  and it has been there for quite some time now. 

i never really had bad cramps or bad bleeding or anything to indicate i have something bad going on in me. but now, i can feel it. the lump is there. (no wonder sometimes my tummy gets so tense. 

and i remember  at times, people thought my tummy looked 'preggie' :i simply thought i had one too many burgers!)i have problem with my blood which might cause all this. i was dumbfounded and speechless, but i managed to digest everything and started planning. i talked to b and we decided to go for extensive checkups next week, hoping to be referred to a specialist.

i don;t know what to expect from the doctors. but certainly hope no surgeries or 'you only have X years/months/weeks' kinda news. Oh God, please don't. not now.

thte headahce is still here and it's getting worse than it was this afternoon. but i couldn't sleep. i tried switching off the lights leaving the light outside the room to'accompany' me, but it only made me suffocate (usually i was OK with that). i washed down some pills to help with the body-ache but the headache stays.

i figured i continue with some unfinished ANOVA (a familyt friend needed help with her thesis. i promimsed i'd help.kesian pulak kalau tidak siap kan?) but the numbers had made me wanna vomit.

funny, blogs kept a bit of the pain away. only a bit but it's better than nothing,right? i choose to b-walk and go for fun and laughable (not mock, just laugh at those funny entries) ones. 



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noirjewelry said...

wish u well nai!!!

LifER said...

you should go and consult with the expert about the pain. the sooner the better. it is not normal for a normal person to got that kind of headache. go seek some help ok!

Nay-MrsNurl said...

tq gurls.. am in process to get help.. waiting for next appointment :) pray 4 me, yes? :) but, hey live goes on.. :)

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