Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I ended my 34 days service as the substitute teacher earlier today, and said goodbye to those Year 2 rugrats after the school end. we gathered in the school library since I was also substituting the Media Teacher. i figured it was a good thing to that i missed our class together, it would be hard to say goodbye after teaching them for the last time. i can't cry in front of them. i definitely sure i would, and can bet on my pinky finger, some of them would cry too. I had ups and downs with them, especially they are running high on sugar and started goofing around instead of focusing on the tasks i give them. But, i have to admit, this bunch did touched my heart. mo then they should, i tell you. **sigh..

I have to admit, work was not all fun and smooth while i was there, but I managed to survived. the fun part of it was I get to be in the library almost all the time. i love books. being surrounded with books, smell of them greeting me in the morning just warms my heart.

(the blog was on
apart from the books, this is one of my fav spot. 
nice mural, yes?

When we had some impromptu photo moments (i was not in any of the pics coz no one else was there to help me with the camera) and i did asked for their emails, some of them came up to and hold my hand and asked me not to leave. two girls even hugged me and repeatedly say they love me. aawwww..i almost cried, tears were at the brim, but i hold back, and managed not to. we said our goodbye, a bit to hastily on my side, but they were rushing to be catch up with their parents who's picking them up too.

some even gave me their email address so I can add them in FB (Year 2 already have FB,you..hi hi)..

i promised them i'll be in school tomorrow, somewhere in the afternoon coz I still need to settle some paperworks. They wanted to, coz they said they have some presents for me. aawwww..

i'm gonna miss those bunch. i really will. i don't know how long would our 34 days (well, less actually minus the school holidays and a few days of PH, Sports Day, etc) memories would last with them..but i'm hoping if the ever bumped into me when they are much older, they would still remember me. it would be fun to reminisce. ^_^

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ilyani said...

eh! i didnt know u also pernah jadik guru ganti :) hehe.. I became one twice.. early 2008 before i got my job.. and early 2009.. after i left my job.. lol.

but am no way going to become a teacher for good. those kids are annoying! >.<

Anonymous said...

Preposterous, that' s particularly what I was seeking in requital for! You virtuous saved me alot of manoeuvre

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