Monday, March 29, 2010


no Monday blues like usual, it's jazzy today coz finally after so many months,today...

ho-yeah.. and not just one of those 'ala-ala manja' kinda rain but 'bapak hujan' ^_^
the air is so fresh, and like B said, finally we don't have to inhale 'jerebuness'.. 

when words don't come out of your mouth, finger go numb(to write)..
go for images to tell the story..

my lunch@Borneo Tribe Cafe. while waiting B entertain a Bruneian bowler at the proshop.
I accidentally order Nescafe, which i am not allowed to drink for the time being..haha.

B's lunch later on (cis, kalau tahu, saya cancel nasi goreng tadi)

my reward for being a good girl (bluek!).
YES, it's half price ^_^

while the lad is drawn to the latest news..

the lass laughed her heart out at the 'Wife' ho ho

then we 'fought' the heavy pour to pay some bills..

B likes to collect brochures which I ended up reading for him.
You need to read more lah, sayang!

Went to KWSP to settle B's proshop matters.
I need a new IC coz mine cannot use at this kiosk.Cip sudah rosak lor.hish!

more of B's proshop stuff, next @Perkeso.
So sejuk the air-con here, i tell you.

it's a good thing B is kinda good in drawing. 
Just found out these days urusan Perkeso, so many things to provide.
(plan premis, plan tempat kediaman pemilik premis, etc etc)

went for some nice old style tea action.
Oh, saya cemburu Teh C kamu sejuk!
wait!!i ate some ice-cream earlier!uh-oh~

last stop@KK..not the white palace-ish building hehe
(wahai org2 KK/Sabah, what building am I in, if I can see this view from the 5th floor?)


"...kereta yang meletak di perletakan kereta ini..."

since they have the logo as big as the wall clock at my parents house, and it's almost 8pm..So,

Nasi Ayam it is. Ho Chak!!

roasted chicken claw..B's choice of side dish..boleh tahan.
do you dig this?geddit?DIG? hahaha.ok lame..

I saw this movie at one of the computer shoppe we went in, and fall in love with it. I googled and it was a movie shown in cinemas(maybe) way in 2005. Tickled me so much so while showing Shane (B's colleague) around WK,we tried to find it. Tapi nda' jumpa bah!

maybe I'll try downloading it !

Nay's VW: wonder why the video has something mentioned about OMB being infamous.hurm

ciao for now. maybe i'll come back later.

**latest update**
No wonder I never heard of the movie. it's actually one of those Short Movie stuffs and this one was a project by Pixar. 
how i wished it's a full movie. 
but still must find the whole short movie (the one I embedded is not complete.)

mental note:
WATCH that SHORTS dvd i bought 3 weeks ago, already!

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Drama Mama said...

wow looks like u had fun eating! hehe i totally dig that claw. wakakaka...

nice blog...keep on posting ya. ;-)

Nay-MrsNurl said...

wakakaka.. gud to know u dig it :)

yes, i had fun eating.indeed! hehe

eating (good food) IS fun :).

hence, the weight issue.toink!

tq, will do so, selagi masih ada kudrat hihi.

ArmaniWhite said...

makan! makan! makan! how to kelim d baju?hahaha

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hahahaha.. entahlah Nami. kelim the perut jak kot nanti senang.

**maybe kena beli that Product Beautiful from Elken hahaha..

princess.dHani said...

Nai! my hubby is like that TOO! he collects the brochure and i end up reading and keeping..

when i bugged him about it, his responds would be "apa guna henbeg besa2? k nyimpan brochure lah!"

hahaha.. lakiku.........

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hahahaha.thats y these days mun bejalan i choose not to bring tote bags or big no reason for him to ask me to shuv brochures in whenever we go somewhere with lotsa brochures. paling ku takut mun pegi fair/carnival..BANYAK d angkutnya.tapi sik d baca, i tell u..

princess.dHani said...

aok! esp pc fair! aiyyooooo

Nay-MrsNurl said...

ahahaha.. yaaaaa.. PC Fair .. bok jak yesterday we send a friend to airport, he 'kutip' a bunch of MCDs flyers..tapi SIK d baca..we ended up put it back at the rack hahaha

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