Thursday, March 18, 2010


boleh ka? =)

well, I've been supporting the

  campaign since 2008 and I am determined to support it as much as I can coz i love mother earth. 

love love love..

March 29th  2008, i was in Kuching, SWITing with my besties Yan & As. i made sure all the switches were off. 
March 28th 2009, i was Miri, again SWITing; and me and my besties Janet (new addition ho-yeah) , Yan & As had made sure all were switched off before we went out.

So this year, 27th March 2010, i will be '60 Hour'ing my self here in KK. i most definitely would be at home at that time, unless there is a change of plan simply because I would be celebrating our anniversary that day (it's only been a year but it felt like forever B..**flowery heart lolz)..
  our initial plan was to dine at home, watch some movie (or AF..lolz) but we'll see. 

i'm excited, so does B. he told me ' wah, bergelap lah kan nanti 27hb..' but it would be fun. 
since 2008, my Earth Hour had been great, having to spend the hour with besties and this year, 
with B. hmmmm... =)

will update y'all with my Earth Hour. come and join  

the darkest hour on earth could be the brightest hour in our lives. who knows? =)

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