Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i was going through some blogs from foreign countries when i stumbled into one nice blog and the owner of the blog mentioned something about post crossing. i checked it out and found out that is a project is that allows people to receive postcards from all over the world.I personally think it's fun and i love receiving mails (albeit the bills ok!) and i remember how i enjoyed receiving letters and postcards from my aunt who was studying in Warwick years ago and an ol' pal who's currently residing in Texas. 

So i signed up, and the 1st postcard i need to send to (in order to start the circle of receiving postcards from other people from around the globe) is to a young lady named Lore and she lives in Curitiba, Southern Brazil. A little bit about her that she provides in her profile :

Hi! My name is Lore. I live in Curitiba, Southern Brazil.

My postcard preferences are:
- Art & Architecture;
- City skyline;
- Airplanes;
- Ships;
- Horses;
- Anything related to World Rally Championship;
- Snoopy by Charles Schulz(
i love snoopy too!);
- Nocturnal views;
- Natural phenomena (northern lights, thunderstorms, parhelia etc);
- Scenic/historic;
- UFO's/mysteries(
wonder if we have those kind of postcards here);
- Windmills, Lighthouses, Dams (especially arch dams);
- Canyons and other natural geographic features;
- Adansonia or Acacia species;
- Mythology (Norse/Scandinavian, Egyptian, Greek, Inca etc);
- Big postcards or postcards which doesn't have regular dimensions;
- Stars, space, astronomy.
- Anyway, take a look at my favorite postcards session to have an idea of what kind of postcards I like! =D
I prefer postcards written on and stamped (with no envelope) and I am really crazy about nice stamps from your country!
Please remember those are just some of my wishes!! I love to receive all kinds of cards! But SRSLY PLEASE, don't send me cards of advertising (unless it's a very cool one)! :D
Thank you and Happy Postcrossing!

interesting huh? there's a lot to talk about withher since she's also into books, movies and bands like I do. looking forward to finding cool postcards for her..maybe tomorrow after i finish buying groceries for Thursday & Friday's catering.(yes, food!hahaha)

wanna have a go at this postcrossing and get friends from all over the world? 

Post crossings starts here

p.s: photos uploaded are all REAL postcards received by fellow postcrossers and uploaded to the website! cool huh?

3 left comments..you?:

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

Nay, this is fab! i want to join also!

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hehe.. good to know u r interested.. :)

ilyani said...

oh so it's how you got started?? :) I found out about PC from an friendship book swapper from Belgium, sometime in 2006. and I got registered end of that year (and became obsessed ever since :P until slowing down a few times coz of exam, job, studies etc.
anyway great start for you and keep it up! though I have to warn you that Postcrossing is addictive :P
do visit the forum to make friends with alot more postcrossers! :)) (and more postcards, of course!)

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