Friday, April 30, 2010


It was almost 11pm, and people are Q'ing for movie tickets, popcorns, 1901's hotdogs, cold drinks, once in a while glancing at their repsective watches/handphone/clock on the wall checking for time and hoping they'll make it before the movie starts. I mean look at the line.. a guy behind me even took chances and cut the line (it was a good thing i was not in the mood for some  %&@!!&$%!  so he made it safe to the counter and i wait a while more.

Did u managed to catch up with Ip Man 2 (some people say it was not as good as the first one..some movies just are, dontcha think?) and Iron Man 2?

As for me, my sister and B..we were just there queueing up for a quick fix of this babies hehe..

anyone have a foolproof recipe of making homemade popcorns?i tried once a million years ago,but by the look (and smell) of it, i wasn't sure it was really edible..

Tomorrow is labour Day so i guess the movies will be swarmed by hundreds of people..should we or should we not join the stampede? (i dont really digg extreme crowdness,u see..i can go green and 'hulked' people up..
hu hu)

Any new movies u would suggest me?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I AM gonna treat you better

When your out at night and your in the streets
And you have her to yourself
Think of all the love that you get from me
That you can't find nowhere else
When your far away and I'm not around
And temptation fills your heart
Think of all the ways that I'm faithful babe
To replace me would be hard
Cause ain't nobody

I just want you to know
Baby I love you so
There is no need to go lookin' for nothin more
Cause I've got everything you'll ever need right here
But if you feel that you need to leave
Just know!!

Ain't nobody gonna treat you better 
like I AM


Tuesday, April 27, 2010



it's been such hectic week and with limited access to internet (will get BB going back into action by the end of this week, at the moment had to share sister's BB which meant almost no access HAHA) ..i promise i'll be back with more so for now, let these shots fill up the vacant. i HAVE a lot to share (still in drafts~sigh~) 

I am very thankful with every visits, for those willingly to follow and comment..i really appreciate your visits,people. God Bless You All.. 

Now, what have our beloved ms.Nay been up to these days?...

learnt making onde-onde from my mum..(pic taken before i even finish doing the they look yummy?)

and then there was this interview i decided to go to..(YES,i brought my lil p&s wherever i go.managed to snap a few photos before it was turn to be interviewed..
in here.yes i was a bit shocked to find out i was to be interviewed in this room that looked more like a wardrobe/bilik rehat for staffs. such a turn-off. (pic taken while waiting for the interviewer)

B found a shop selling lotsa Be@rBriks! we might start collecting these babies soon~

melting peanut butter+chocolate spread on a hot waffle. who doesn't like this?

what my sister chose to eat for her early dinner after long day at work.sheesh~

Me+Sister singing our heart (and lungs) out while waiting for B to finish work.

I used this photo as my profile picture(FB) and already someone asked if this is a sign i'm auditioning next year HAHA..

oh i'm so tired from all the singing and laughing at each other..

instead of resting, she decided to be tickled by the DHW.hihi (p.s:it's a good[read:funny] book.)

i didn't know why i took this pic. i just love to click click. (someone plz give me a DSLR. i promise i'll do good with it.ok not good. great! hi hi


and there's this lovely sunset i managed to caught up with after quite a while not seeing one..please note that pic was taken while Mr.B was driving, and my photography skills are still very lacking, so let see my best shot... (read that last phrase like Tyra banks always does in the judging room for ANTM he he)

ok,kah? (i love how the trees are positioned)

B won some cash last Sunday in KK Classic...$_$ hoho

Dontcha just HATE these!!!!!
yes, i intentionally show the flat numbers.


B said Size Does Matter so he opted for ...

Me, on the other hand, is just happy with my ..
ooo yeah..

Alvin MY's (u might remember him from Infinatez-GangStarz-) EP is available now. Well, since he is currently an independent artist and spreading his wings as a solo here in Sabah (yes, he is a Sabahan), his EP are only available at selected places, mostly in Sabah lah. As for KK, easily go and grab one at Nasi Ayam Antarabangsa (hahaha nasi ayam lagi..i know i know..) branches in Sulaman Sentral, Alamesra or Universiti Plaza (UA).. RM10 only y'all!!

 I am not sure if it is still available at KL or elsewehere in peninsular Msia coz last i heard it was available at Laman Budaya Shah Alam (you can also get more info about Alvin MY in facebook, just search for Alvin MY-The Sabahan Soul.. 

 feel free to reach me if u wanted a copy, i'll be happy to assist..(all costs tanggung sendiri yer..i'm planning a W, so budget is tight huhu)

till safe, don't forget to say 'love' to those u care, stay healthy & take time to just...
breathe.. ^_^ 

p.s: baby, tq for buying me 2 copies of Alvin's EP! hihi xoxo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Will Never Be Far Away, For Life Goes On

Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one's gone. Those we love can never be more than a thought apart, far as long as there is memory, they'll live on in the heart.

Al-Fatihah buatmu adik Dzafri Hisyam bin Khairulanwar

Tabahlah, wahai ibu Dzafri.doa kami semua buat akak sekeluarga. 

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am determined that last week would be my last 'Nasi Ayam' marathon. I had them in at least 2 different places, 4 times in a week! Way too much,huh?So no Nasi Ayam for this week.Noktah!

on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

with B's mum n bruders on a hot Sunday afternoon

same spot pulak tu. We were here on Sat coz a colleague needed a quick NA/CR fix. Sunday, was E/W Day shopping spree with FMIL n FBILs.

before that, on Friday..


with Nad (my not-so-lil sister) earlier on Wednesday I had this..


Xtra sigh.**ok ok I'm guilty!

So, will have more of this from now on.


Made Sure He Woke Up To This...

Friday, April 16, 2010


it's a tag. yep, ilyani tagged me so here goes;

1. Purse 
2. Naked shade SikyGirl Lipstick 
3. SilkyGirl Pressed Powder 
4. Mp3 player (ceq takdak iPod lagi deqnon he he)
5. Ciplo inhaler (severely all time)
6.Planner (bahaya kalau tertinggal. I am forgetful!)
7. CSL Tv Phone (I dropped my SE in the bathroom, Motorola pun dah hilang charger so I am left with this old but 'very berjasa' hp. ok what, boring2 leh tgk tv hi hi)
8. Sheep wool hankerchief. suitable for alergic-to-dust-kinda-people like me) 
9. Vicks VapoRub (resdung.need i say more?)

p.s: there are other stuffs that were supposed to be in the bag but i somehow left them in the other bag in my car. See, forgetful kan?

And So I tag;

Drama Mama
Akira Chan
Nami Armani

dan yang lain yang I forgot to mention..u're tagged!

(visitors are encouraged to do also)

kalau rajin buat. no strings attached. saja ja ni kasi hibur hati kan =)



i guess i've mentioned before how much my better half love his burgers. So, one night after he finished his work, we went out for a drive to hunt for burger stalls. i told him i don't think any of the stalls are still operating after 10.30pm, at least not in the directions we were heading. So we decided to go for some mee goreng 'Gerai Superman' style, since the stall is near to the house. On the way there, our eyes (well, there weren't any cars on the road so i guess B felt it was safe to drive while looking at the side of the road**cold sweat) were fixed to a spot just next to the Giant.

A circus funfair! I told B there might be burger stalls in there, but it seemed to me the FF was already closed for the night. B insisted we gave it a check, so we did. It was almost closing hour, no one (visitors) was there except for the people working there. 

he he 

One chikin & One meat 

while waiting for the 'abang burger' to finish preparing our supper, i snooped around.

the first time i tried one these was when i was in elementary school, couldn't remember how old i was. an older cousin brought me to a FF that came to our small town of Ranau. I had a blast, I could see the whole town when we reached the top. it reminded me of a story i read about a little girl's adventure going to the carnival in Rhode Island. (dari kecik sampai skrg selalu berangan 'living in the States')

more snooping after the burgers were paid.

scoop up any of the rubber blowfish and win gifts.

i bet everyone is aiming for the big Teddy. but, B was sceptical and bet on his pinky there is no blowfish that leads to the big Teddy. Teddy was a lure. hmmm.

a different version of Merry-Go-Round. 

I was so tempted to try but B told me the 'pony' won't be able to hold me long HA HA.(cis!)


the entrance. 

it looked more scary than inviting to me. 
reminded me of Cirque Du Freak.


still drafting new entry(s), so while waiting
 (cewah macam ramai yg 'wait' hehe
why don't you lovely people give the link below a click  ^_^


p.s: alhamdulillah 

but we could do with a lil bit more (masih agak panas yer)..hopefully we'll get some tomorrow..


Thursday, April 15, 2010



yes. too hot. it's blistering hot out there and so my mood dampens. to update even though my heart (and my fingers) itch every now and then to click 'New Post'. I went through latest  entries of them followers and those i followed (oh yes fellow blog buddies, I follow for a reason : I love reading your blog ^_^) leave comments when necessary (sometimes, i just don't know what to say.maybe i should just so they know i was around kan?what say u?)

There's a new routine in town. pick up sister for lunch at 1pm (she's doing her practical at the Fishery R&D Department) glad it's just a 10mins drive from home (if ada road congestion pun, lebih kurang 20mins boleh sampai dah~) (pick her up at 1pm from HOME?oh well, ladies and gents, I am operating at mi casa at the moment.) then send her back before 2pm, and pick her up again at 5pm. (belum..belum ada lesen lagi cik Nad saya tuh.macik, cepatlah ambik lesen.lenguh sudah ni jadik driver ;P)

so far, the first half of today was really challenging for me. B and I left early (sempat lagi makan my mum's pau goreng.B had 3!!) coz we needed to go and get some paperwork done at City Hall (cis, minta pengesahan lesen pun kena bayar RM1+RM12). the challenge is to subdue to the heat se-early morning!!9am is like 12pm, i tell you..(yer, i know 'di sana nanti lagi panas'..) but i'm just saying..well, u know..

 then rush to inspect (wah inspection.mcm police.yes, fashion police hihi) boutiques in one of the mall here. (and so it begins.the headacheS~~). found a few promising offers, then had to rush and buy some lunch for B's colleague. B had to go to work early so that means I had to drive myself to pick up Nad, which I dreaded dong coz it was sooo deng hot today.was it 33c or what? to make it worse...

wasn't sure if there was an accident or people going out for lunch/picking up kids from school but i was stuck in this for nearly 20mins, making my arrival at Nad's office 1.10pm.rush to lunch at home (crazy idea by the little sister who insisted she dine at HOME!!) 

we ended up driving back to her office at 2.10pm, arrival at 2.30pm.hahaha..gilo itu budak praktikal!

p.s: does those flowers remind you of sakura?AKU MAHU JAPAN!will take better photos later =)  

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CLICK CLICK-Couple Click Budget Photography

i am still not in the mood of updating, but somehow i didn't want my previous sad entry to linger and make the environment blue. everything turned out fine, alhamdulillah. I did it on my own lagi, so pat-pat on my shoulder ^_^

hmmm.. what to blob? oh yeah i titled this Click Click so let's talk about what clicked me recently.

Couple Click Budget Photography
[click to Click ^_^]
cute kan nama ni? 

E-Day is coming soon in mid-June(insyaAllah) and W-Day in December (insyaAllah) and of course there is a mighty loooooong list of things to buy/do/get/booked/send/fill/etc. And of course, one of them is 'The Moments Capturer'. I had several options, but hadn't made any decision yet but when my sister Nadya mentioned about this CCBP (who happened to be owned by Ernie's sister and her beau) I told myself it's worth considering. why?

nice.very nice, dontcha think?

and of course, the word 'budget' just steals my heart away. Their starting price is only RM150 (not including other charges) which is OK for me. I don't want to go overboard with how much I want to spend on certain things for the E & W. Affordable, great quality..siapa tidak mahu kan? ^_^ Besides, I have a good feeling about 'working this project' with them. Nadya agrees with me which is VERY important because my sister is my 'decision machine'. Not that I can't make my own decision(ceh! padahal...huhu) but a decision, to me, sometimes needs to get a bit of assurance from someone you trust. 

So, CCBP, I am officially hiring you for my E & W. I hope we'll make magic together.
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