Sunday, April 4, 2010


finally, it's out for everyone to enjoy. 

Alvin, sorry i couldn't make it to your EP launching but i bet it was a great night, a night to remember for all times.
i wish you all the best in your career and remember what u promised, bro =)

so people of blogsphere, i present to you 'Learning You' by Alvin MY (Mahathir Yunus)

note: this is his performance of 'Learning You' at one of the local event in KK. will update with video of him performing 'Learning You' at the launching soon k.

p.s: Alvin Infinatez, as you might remember him ^_^

2 left

noirjewelry said...

ko punya apa ni nai?

Nay-MrsNurl said...

senior masa sekolah rendah, senior masa sekolah menengah..quite a close friend tp lama sdh x jumpa..reconnect d fb jak ;p hehe..

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