Saturday, April 3, 2010


i have invoices to finish (and send one tonight), get some catering utensils (tonight, too) but I still have time to catch up with Juliana Marguiles (I adore her character,of course because of her remarkable acting as always, i mean, she rocks in ER and i follow some of her work post-ER too) in thegoodwifeglad i am now on track. until next week, Alicia~ 

 back to the's sure is hard work if you are interested in venturing the world of catering. well, of course, all business is the same. hard work, determination, commitment. you know the drill. it's a lot of energy-consuming if you cook and prepare everything on your own, but the what you get at the end of the day is what thrills me each time, no matter small it is: THE PAYMENT and SATIFACTION from the customer. i mean, we cater people of 15 and the biggest is 300, nothing bigger than that but still, we do it on our own (mum, dad, me and recently i recruited B hehe) and sometimes get occasional help from a few of mum's friends, but still, what we get from it is still so rewarding.

waking up waayy early in the morning (hitting the sack quite late the night before,too), working nonstotp for a few long hours, sending it out to the venues, getting back for more cleaning up..tiring but satisfying, knowing it's something to called your own lil business.

i wish i can do some online business too, you know selling stuffs like a lot of people do..but still not sure what i want. i mean, there's a lot of stuffs out there i can sell, but i must sell something i have passion with. and i still can't find it. it'll come to me when it's time kan? ^_^

p.s: good luck with your fabulouslyfifty, princess.dHani! lovin't it already!

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p.s.s: i love some of your stuffs, Noir Jewelry, might buy some SOON for gifts hehe


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Tupai Karan said...

owh wat catering.. smoga bertambah maju..:)
ku pun ada kedai gak sampai bagagar otak mau jaga.. cafe world.. haks3

Nay-MrsNurl said...

a'ah small one only for now.. :) kira2 nak try dpt tender utk cafe plak pasni..

hehe.. Cafe World ek? my bf suka main CW, tapi i tak berapa minat..main tanam2 i suke ler haha

noirjewelry said...

thanks for the promotion!!

lelong ..lelong...setumpuk 3 ringgit!!

Nay-MrsNurl said...

no hal.. :) mmg stuffs noir jewelry mantap kan

princess.dHani said...

thanks for the promo! :) which one you like? lak bik diskaun.. hehe

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hehe.. :) i have a few in mind, tapi mok dpt persetujuan dr tuan tanah kedaong lok.klak madah k

ilyani said...

I am (or actually, was) selling stuff online too, but as you pointed it, it's best to sell smth you have passion in.. but I was only trying to help clearing out the blouses my mum had ordered for our shop lot. Only got a few sales online before I got too busy to run the blogshop anymore.. still it was a good experience.

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hmm.. that's the thing.. i dont my blogshop to be something, i'm taking my time to lay out all the options..and then decide..mum have a few suggestions..but we'll reason to rush..i think hehe

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