Tuesday, April 6, 2010


**smiled at the thought of Pu3 mentioning how frequent i update blog in a day hehe..
let's see how long this eagerness lasts OK people? :P

Sadly, our BB (BroadBand) is 'out-of-order' until further notice. Let's not dwell on that because it sadden me just thinking about it.

No BB, how can update blog? hah. Cyber Cafe! ^_^ blogbsessed?!! alah, tidak bah huhu

No lah, actually I needed to do some errands today so decided to have lunch with B before he went to work. So 1B it is. we went to renew B's Season Pass (naik harga pulek!huh!) but at least it's still cheaper than having to pay daily.
(Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes= GOOD READ!!)

I wanted to eat rice so bad but nothing in the huge hypermall excites me, so since B craved for burger then we head to...

it's 12.20pm..Q is getting longer n longer..

where are we, people?


haish! so unhealthy. ( i didn't order the sundae ho-key!)

Then i head to this Cyberzone (and B head straight to work.. oh how i wish we are people with 'many money' and we don't have to work...we'll get to travel, do charity and spend times with our family members.) **sindrom don't-see-my-bf-often-enough

accept for a bunch of boys (school leavers, i presume) not much people are around. which is good for me 'cause i don't like crowded places. RIMAS!

I've replied all important e-mails, sent some writing work and check my FB (these days, i don't do much FBing anymore. i guess my current fever is here[blog]..)

I won't be long.. so i guess this is what i can share with your guys for today. 

So i leave y'all with a piece by Chuck Danes :

I share my debt of gratitude with all my spiritual friends
Whether Christians, Muslims, Jews, and such or even Buddhist zens
Regardless of the place we live or where your faiths begun
My gratitude begins with this, "I've learned that we are One"
I'm grateful for the many days when clarity is strong
As well as those it "seems" that life has somehow led me wrong
For it's those times that awaken me and nudge me toward the light
Till once again my hopes and dreams are clearly held in sight
I'm grateful for the love within the circles that I dwell
My family, friends and even those who've made life seem like hell
For each of those have taught me more regarding how to Love
Provide me feelings to express these things that I write of

I am grateful for the right to dream, to hope, to wish, and know
That all my thoughts are merely seeds which based on Love must grow
That if I'll think them consciously and nurture them with care
These visions held, my hearts desires, will soon be waiting there

I'm grateful for the fact I've learned that we consciously create
That to mold and shape a life desired I must keep my thinking straight
That when the fear that shows it's head which is based on false belief
I have free will to change the thoughts to those that bring relief

I'm grateful too for false beliefs which led me on my quest
For mentors met along the way I truly do feel blessed
Who clearly showed me of the need to understand my worth
And deeper truth which promises a life divine on earth

I'm grateful for the fear I feel at times because I know
That when it's felt it's purging power exists to help me grow
The awareness of it's presence shows there's something more to learn
That my focus must stay fixed on Love to attract these things I yearn

I'm grateful for the joy I feel, I'm grateful for the fear
Understanding what it is and that it draws me near
To the life I know is waiting on the other side
And when it comes I must hold fast and use it as a guide

My gratitude goes deeper still, for breath, for sight, for life
For teachers who have shown me that my "thoughts" create my strife
I'm grateful for the plan which says whatever you receive
Is drawn to you through feelings felt, created by belief

I'm grateful for all nature, the birds the grass, the trees
The lakes which hold abundant life, a summer evenings breeze
The clouds above the ground below, the moon, the stars, the sun
The days and nights which represent that another day is done

I'm grateful for the time to spend to deeply go within
To tap into the Source of truth that's sure to help me win
For it is there that truth comes known regardless what is taught
In man made circles of the world that form restrictive thought

I'm grateful for all wisdom gained as I journey through this life
Like words expressed in anger hurt, and only lead to strife
That truth will stand the test of time, that Love will show the way
That thoughts and feelings of the past are what create today

I'm grateful too for all my friends who are reading this today
For the bonds that we have formed since your paths have crossed my way
And for the future and all it brings for all we have to share
The giving of ourselves to show the world how much we care

I've learned to stay in gratitude no matter how things seem
That perceptions held as negatives will only slow your dream
So even though my path will lead through troubled spots I know
I must keep on, keep focus fixed, on life's abundant flow

There's so much that I'm grateful for though sometimes I'll forget
Beliefs rekindled from the past that I perceive as threats
But it's these times I must remind myself of what I know
That when they show their presence that they're here to help me grow

One final thought I'll share today before I say I'm through
I'm so grateful for these words to give today to all of you
It is my wish that they will help you keep the attitude
Which leads to that which you desire and comes through gratitude

p.s: have you ....


7 left comments..you?:

Rashid said...

waowww.. bestnya pekena ayam tu. ranggup pedas gitu.

Nay-MrsNurl said...

:) mmg best..my fevret!! hihi

gus said...

mcd is very convenient. branding at its best, so easy, no need to think so much. like nasi ayam at the food court.

Ernie Khairina said...

lama sdh tdk baca sidney sheldon..paling gemar - tell me your dream =)

Nay-MrsNurl said...

true,gus.. mcd..nasi ayam; u sit, u eat, u go.. :)

Nay-MrsNurl said...

siok kan SS,ernie..time high school gila betul nie sama SS (loved tell me your dream juga!!) i was cleaning my bookshelves, found 'if tomorrow comes' and started reading right away! :)

Drama Mama said...

oh saya jugak makan McD for lunch today. heeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i loveeeee sidney sheldon!

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