Saturday, April 3, 2010


 hello.. =) the-tired-and-a-bit-under-the-weather me greets you and thanked you for dropping by..

I think I did mentioned in previous post, that my beau (B) plays bowling on a regular basis (tournaments, leagues). He's a fairly good player, I must say, and I'm not saying this coz he's who he is but I'm saying it from the eyes of another sport freak (who just doesn't have time to play sport these days..huhu)..

He won a few tournaments, his team won two times in a row in one of the local league in town. But he's not getting the same amount of achievements eversince he's on a day job ( he used to be a tour guide so in between tours, he had a lot of time for practice). But I always make sure he gets some time for a coupla of throws so he doesn't get rusty. So occasional trips to the alley is a normality to me by now.

He just managed to qualify for the final for a tournament tomorrow night after squading for FIVE times. the fifth time; I didn't go and accompany him coz I have some things about at home to deal with. See, every time I accompany him, he gets so nervous (of letting me down) it ruined his focus and chances of getting to the next round [the final] became slimmer. 

So, i vowed not to follow him to any MQs, tournaments, leagues anymore (not coz we both think I am jinxing his games ok people hehe.. NO one is born a jinx. I admit sometimes I can't hide my worry when his scores drop and that had made him worry). So he has higher chances of winning. I mean, one's got to do what one's gotta do..aight? By giving him his own 'space' while bowling, it's my way of showing I support him I mean, I am green with envy knowing other bowlers brings their better halfs to watch and cheer them to victory, and I have to stay home or go do my own thing and once in a while check my hp for his updates (and prays he wins). But he knows I am rooting for him. As always. ^_^

come bowl with me when u're in town =) i bet you can beat me hahaha..(seriously, i'm a lousy bowler)

2 left

noirjewelry said...

wahahahaha mimang ko patut sukung dr jauh ja..
coz ko tu ada sikit hyperactive...
masih lagi ka?

p/s ndamo tinguk wayang sama ko nai..especially comedy..horror!!!

Nay-MrsNurl said...

HAHAHA..masih.. klu aku nda familiar sama2 org2 nya kunun2 aku demure la ..klu comfy, bah mcm2 jak hand and face gestures..

tulah tu, klu aku dtg sokong dia, klu dia burk sikit main mula2 lah dahi aku kerut2.. susah bah ko kuntrul wakaka..

hahahaha.. x mo tinguk movie sama2 aa.. ;p

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