Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CLICK CLICK-Couple Click Budget Photography

i am still not in the mood of updating, but somehow i didn't want my previous sad entry to linger and make the environment blue. everything turned out fine, alhamdulillah. I did it on my own lagi, so pat-pat on my shoulder ^_^

hmmm.. what to blob? oh yeah i titled this Click Click so let's talk about what clicked me recently.

Couple Click Budget Photography
[click to Click ^_^]
cute kan nama ni? 

E-Day is coming soon in mid-June(insyaAllah) and W-Day in December (insyaAllah) and of course there is a mighty loooooong list of things to buy/do/get/booked/send/fill/etc. And of course, one of them is 'The Moments Capturer'. I had several options, but hadn't made any decision yet but when my sister Nadya mentioned about this CCBP (who happened to be owned by Ernie's sister and her beau) I told myself it's worth considering. why?

nice.very nice, dontcha think?

and of course, the word 'budget' just steals my heart away. Their starting price is only RM150 (not including other charges) which is OK for me. I don't want to go overboard with how much I want to spend on certain things for the E & W. Affordable, great quality..siapa tidak mahu kan? ^_^ Besides, I have a good feeling about 'working this project' with them. Nadya agrees with me which is VERY important because my sister is my 'decision machine'. Not that I can't make my own decision(ceh! padahal...huhu) but a decision, to me, sometimes needs to get a bit of assurance from someone you trust. 

So, CCBP, I am officially hiring you for my E & W. I hope we'll make magic together.

8 left comments..you?:

ilyani said...

wah, really not bad la the price! :)
but it's KK based kan? hopefully I can find cheap yet quality like this also for my day :P

congrats! ;)

Couple Click Budget Photography said...

thank you very much. it's an honor working with you on your loveliest and big day of your life.


Nay-MrsNurl said...

@ ilyani:a'ah KK based..it's a sweet surprised to have such good pricing for a service as such..and of course quality. i hope you find one there too (kat semenanjung lagi byk options, i blieve)

Nay-MrsNurl said...

TQ CCBP! it's my pleasure to have you on board as well. =)

princess.dHani said...

nay!!!! congratulations! all the best on your preparations k?! can't wait! :)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Drama Mama said...

nice pics. they do such excellent job at budget price, go for it!


Nay-MrsNurl said...

tq,ma..and so the headache begins.(laughing at the thought future MIL is more excited than I am)...

Nay-MrsNurl said...

i thought so to,drama mama~ =)

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