Monday, April 19, 2010


I am determined that last week would be my last 'Nasi Ayam' marathon. I had them in at least 2 different places, 4 times in a week! Way too much,huh?So no Nasi Ayam for this week.Noktah!

on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

with B's mum n bruders on a hot Sunday afternoon

same spot pulak tu. We were here on Sat coz a colleague needed a quick NA/CR fix. Sunday, was E/W Day shopping spree with FMIL n FBILs.

before that, on Friday..


with Nad (my not-so-lil sister) earlier on Wednesday I had this..


Xtra sigh.**ok ok I'm guilty!

So, will have more of this from now on.


3 left

nadnye said...

looks so Yummy.. nasi ayam Fan ker? my family loves nasi ayam too

ilyani said...

yummy~ :D sedapnya nasi ayam tu~

noirjewelry said...

d mana ni nai?...mcm nyaman la yg ada macaroni2 tu..huhu... i want...kestaw aaaa d mana

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