Friday, April 2, 2010


his jokes would forever be remembered, the laughter he brought to many would forever be cherished.

I somehow glad, he grasped some achievements before leaving us. I am sure he went peacefully, knowing he left with dignity and pride as 'anak seni'.
You made me laugh when I was in my teen years and now, it just got better,
I remembered your jokes -then and now- ever so vividly,
They even made some of my friendships blossoms,
for we share wonderful laughter 
merely reminiscing about your jokes.
Making people laugh is not an easy job,
but you did it with ease.
Knowing you had shared all your experiences, 
knowledge and wisdom with those aspired to be just like you,
I think your legacy will continue on with the journey,
where you created your own unique path.

People say you were crazy, I think you just being funny
People say you're exaggerating, I think you are just being..well, you

You are forever missed

Pak Din..


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noirjewelry said...

cried my heart out! T-T

Nay-MrsNurl said...

:( i found out an hour after he passed away, around 1.30am..i cried to sleep.. tekejut and until now mcm nda percaya nie

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