Sunday, February 28, 2010


how i missed our usual trip to hunt for a perfect spot to share some moments for sunset viewing. B's kinda busy these days and always ended up closing business way late at night. My schedule with my dear Abby is also clashing more than before and i don't do sunset-hunting on my own. macam nda' best kan sorang2  =P

i have always been a fan of photography for sometimes and always imagined of getting marvellous shots of sunsets. not an owner of a DSLR (yet! haha), i am still lobbying dad to help me buy one in advance, and later work out a payback plan. wah, personal banker gitu.

i know it won't be soon that i am able to catch up with the sunsets here in KK, so to remind me of what i am missing...

Beach 3, Tg Aru, KK
view from my room window

Likas Bay



Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your Sweetness!!

Done with kitchen action,and cooking for an hour in the kitchen with the heat coming from the cooking as well as the heat wave, i have visions in my head..



asked B to get me some Coke on his way back from work, plan to get melons tomorrow (mum always know where to get good stocks) and remembered there are some napoleon ice cream left in the fridge. i know it won't be enuf for all 5 of us at home, and i know mum would be furious if we get another tub; it's the 4th tub this month and mum has her own regiment when it comes to unhealthy food (hence, the 'sayur rebus' these days which devastated dad HA-HA)

B did mention about him sometimes making his own ice cream home. so decided to log on and check it out on the Internet. after a few tries, i found this recipe in a science website (the developer used the process of making ice cream to explains huh? )

i am planning to get whipped cream tomorrow, since all the other ingredients are available in our pantry. i figured I'd share the recipe here, and share what become of my ice cream after i am done tomorrow.

    *   ½ cup sugar
    * ¼ teaspoon salt
    * 1 cup milk
    * 3 beaten egg yolks
    * 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    * 2 cups chilled whipping cream
    * Optional:
      2 cups fresh strawberries and extra ½ cup sugar

Put the sugar, salt, and milk into the top pan of a double boiler.
The water in the bottom part of the double boiler will boil, and the temperature will never rise
above the boiling point of water. This ensures that we don't overcook the mixture

Stir the 3 beaten egg yolks into the milk and sugar.

Cook the mixture over boiling water until you can see bubbles forming around the edges of the mixture.

The mixture is done when it is somewhat thick, and coats the spoon.

Let the mixture cool to room temperature.

When the custard has cooled, stir in the vanilla extract and the heavy whipping cream.

Pour a cup of the ice cream mixture into a plastic zip-lock sandwich bag [in my case, I'll just put them in a container].

You will know the ice cream is done by feeling the mixture become a paste instead of a liquid.

If you like strawberry ice cream, mash 2 cups of strawberries with a half cup of sugar, and add a half cup to each small bag before closing it up and putting it in the ice.

The result is an amazingly delicious homemade ice cream. 

Enjoy! and don't forget to be creative!



Local..Going Global!

i seriously think these singers from my land below the wind has the talent, the thrive and the passion as well as commitment to go far..
hear them out!!

well, ok one is a senior at elementary & high school (u might know him from Infinatez) and one is a dear cousin (insanely talented with the Sax!!) but, the more reason for me to get people to support them, aight?




yessss... as i keep up with my weekly lesson of blogging, i let the TV on, getting all the RajaLawak 4 i can get before the semifinal tomorrow night. wah, agak nervous di situ memandangkan saya adalah penyokong kuat kumpulan KeCik and Alex (both are from Sabah.. pergh..macam nda' pecaya jak bah ada orang Sabah made it to the top 4 of this reality show/standup comedy gig..memang mantap lah pilihan Bob Lokman nie..)

before this, saya kurang follow RL nie, though i keep up with the post-RL; i am a fan of Zizan and a lil bit of Johan, Nabil and a few more who made it to the industry after competing in the reality show. kira ada jugaklah options other than watching Senario kan. 

untuk RL tahun nie, so far my family & I never missed a single week, following every step of the way as they get closer to the crown of Raja lawak 4. i was mainly excited of having 'tulun tokou' in the show. as it turn out, lucu betul tau KeCik & Alex tu. serius!! finally, lawak dari Sabah berjaya menerobosi pasaran.cewah!

these are my favourite week of Alex & KeCik, but of course i love all of their performance! kepada yang mampu, do vote for them. tinggal 2 minggu lagi woo!!

(lucu gilak part bini cakap arab tuh..)

(ni pun lawak gila..siyes la dorang ni boleh pegi jauh!) 

yang dua ni pulak setakat ni favorite aya from Alex.. what i like most about him is that lawak dia kira lawak yang bukan slasptik & kira lawak bijak lah~

so, if ada masa.. luangkan lah untuk menonton RajaLawak every Sunday di Astro PRIMA pukul 9malam~

p.s: personally, saya rasa Zizan & Johan pun sudah semakin mantap in hosting RL..kira refelxive semakin baik teradap apa yang berlaku setiap saat sepanjang show, jokes menjadi .. glad to see ada peformer kita yang menunjukan positive growth..


auto signature!

holla peeps!

i guess everybody realized that the more u learn, you'll realize there's more u don't know.and so today, as i was surfing, with main intention to find a new background for my blog, i found this @

Automatic Blog Signature:

FIRST, Make an image that will be your signature. A good size for this is 160x80pixels.

SECOND, Upload it to an image hosting site, such as Photobucket or Flickr (just two of the many sites out there).

THIRD, After uploading it, copy the HTML Code.

FOURTH, Get it to publish automatically on every blog post:
  • In Blogger, click Settings tab, then
  • Click Formatting. next,
  • Scroll down the page, to the Post Template box.
  • Paste your Signature’s HTML Code into the text area next to the words Post Template
  • Click SAVE button
  • TRY IT! Go to make a new post – there you should see your Signature in the editing post box! 

i did my signature in

i still have a long way to go with this blog thing but I'm staying..and won't stop learning~blogging can lots a fun =)




i guess by now all Astro subscribers wold actually know who is 'Halimah'. B is kinda hooked to the story but he told me purely because the story is funny, not coz he thinks being 'jongang' is something to laugh at..i don't really watch it but mum does. my dad hates it, coz he says it's like menghina people with the 'J'ness.. mum likes the story coz of the plot, and she has always bee Aznah Hamid's fan and to see Aznah's daughter also acting and thinking she's doing a great job portraying the character (personally, i think so to..she's come a long way after those stereotype roles in the million-dollar-director movies/dramas)..
i know the producer/director/screenplay writer of this series would definitely day the main reason they made it was because the want to show to the community that people with such 'condition' (i keep on saying condition..if it is improper, then correct me.TQ) would still stand out and do great things in life just like people around them and we shouldn't look down or treat them disrespectfully. and yeah, maybe in a way, the vision worked out. 

the problem?not everyone seems to take the advice wholeheartedly. a lot of my students started singing the OST and started replacing Halimah's name with their friends name (one time, my fellow colleague was also a 'victim' when one of her Year 3 students started to sing the song using her name!) .. parents and teacher should take time to explain to our youngsters and understand the whole idea of the series (and it's song) and explain to them that singing the song to make fun of other people is really² not nice thing to do.

the ultimatum of this (for me ) was when i accompany B to squad for the DBKK Bowling Open last night. when we were waiting for his turn to use the lanes, a bunch of people lead by one person, started singing the song, and B abruptly pulled me away and told me we should sit at the dart room. i was baffled because honestly, i was enjoying myself watching those bowling pins 'crumbles'.. then he told me he didn't want to be near those people while they are singing in a very mocking way coz a couple we know was playing next to them and the wife happens to be ..well, J.. =( 

the couple is a regular customer at B's pro shop so it would be awkward if they notice we are sitting together to that bunch of people who is mocking the wife. i suddenly felt bad and felt sorry for the wife and to all with J problem.seriously i do. i like to believe that i am a bit of a J myself, though maybe not so much obvious compared to others with it, but still, sometimes i am a bit conscious with it. just that i always tell myself to just ignore it.

when we went back to the lanes, we notice the wife stopped laying, and the husband ended up playing  all the remaining games for both of them. she looked disturbed and clearly unhappy about it. we overheard her saying something about confronting those people teasing her but the husband told to her to just let it go. i know she was on the verge of tears but she was holding back, managed to smile and wave g'bye at me as the left. 

the thing that angered me the most?the very person that started the whole thing was a man of low integrity, based on his bad track records dealing with people in the past. i know it's wrong to label people but with him, i am making an exception. he is a scoundrel. and making fun of other man's wife?his wife is not so much a nice view to look at either. yes, i know i shouldn't say such a thing but this is personal. i know how the wife also like to make fun or talk bad things about other people. so yeah~

i'm catching up on BLA so will blob more soon. their muay thai session is so interesting!!ciao~


Friday, February 26, 2010


yes..very the hot the! gilak aa.. i am as i mentioned in my FB, still trying my best to tolerate the heatwave. pergh, headache berhari2. i tell u.. to add salt to the injury? last Wednesday was the school Sports Day @ Likas Stadium. HAH! 'pembakaran' kulit secara terbuka lah jawapnya. saya ni pakai sunblock pun entah, macam no effect. still jadi udang galah bakar jugak. B told me the worse thing is that he noticed the 'tan' is uneven.sigh~ orang cakap, kalau lelaki ang tegur, means the issue is agak serius. kan selalunya our opposite gender nie jarang notice hal2 sedemikian rupa (albeit the metrosexuals yerr..) so when B noticed and tegur the uneven 'darkness' hovering over my already-a-bit-unhealthy-skin..agak melatah jugak dibuatnya~

syukur alhamdulillah Thursday-Sunday is cuti days so bolehlah merawat sedapat yang mungkin.though i am well aware that my skin ALWAYS take longer time to heal. (any suggestions on fixing that?) 

masa bertugas @Stadium, pakai tudung so pembakaran adalah terhad kepada kawasan yang tidak dilitupi tudung. the result? kesan sunburn mirip topeng on my face.HAHAHA~alahai nasib wajah..

lama dah saya tidak berkesempatan online, memandangkan laptop pun baru jak keluar dari workshop, dan Broadband pun baru bertukar tangan..banyak sebenarnya mahu d story, tapi mungkin di  lain entry..

harus bersiap. need to pick up B at work (cian kan, PH pun he has to work. note: need to discuss with B about posibilty of getting a 9-5 job..which i think won't get good response tapi at least i try kan..)

happy weekends..


Thursday, February 18, 2010

sungguh!aku mahu!

sungguh² mahu celebrate my B's birthday [tommorow!!] 
but he insisted we don't coz he doesn't do birthdays either..
[ we dont do V-Day as well]..but that i tak kesah..
this is his 1st birthday with me so i  was thinking of something simple n sweet maybe just the two of us since he rejected the idea of makan² at his family's or mine..
he warned me not to proceed with my 'cake-plan' from PSH [ kek-keknya sungguh heaven~gulp!] .. 

 PSH's cake for my 27th..delish!!


 a surprise sweetness from B for my 27th last year..

ok, honestly we are running very² low on RMs but a special day like birthday or anniversaries deserves a lil treat bah kan?[saving it all for's coming sooner than i expected!] sigh~ 
i got him a gift though..nothing fancy, nothing expensive.. 
last thing i want is him to bebel me on the price.. HAHAHA~


need to get back to work. there are some assignments to be 'entertained'. 


Sunday, February 14, 2010


me & B don't celebrate V-Day.. hihi.. 


to those celebrating .. wishing you all the great things in life all throughout 2010..

still, ada aktiviti lain lah bersama keluarga.. my brother decided to do some grilling  so me mum & me dad went out to do some grocery shopping..

such fun thing to do on a nice sunday..

good food(we grilled fish, chikin & sausages . mum, tq for the great marinate & sambal..u rock!), good people..
all is good..

so i might not celebrate V-Day or went to open houses, but still my 14th Feb 2010 is awesome..we're waiting for RajaLawak tonight ..another family event not to be missed.. (yes, tahun ini akus etia menonton RL.. :-P)

semoga hari anda-anda semua juga bahagia~


Monday, February 8, 2010

W-Day Song.maybe?

how's this while walking down the aisle?

I Say A Lil Prayer

i couldn't sleep.
i guess i overslept.

woke up early to usher B to work, then i went straight to bed again, since i stayed up all night the previous night [erk!apakah ayat ini..?]. our house had been broken into 3 times before and once when my sister & I was sound asleep. i woke up seeing a boy trying to rummage into our stuffs!even thinking about sent shivers to my spine! so when i heard weird sounds below [we lived in a 3 story flat-for teachers] i decided i needed to stay up just in case..

so.... oversleeping earlier was for paying the debt..and now, i am wide awake..i did some changes for my blog [kema, i told u in the comment about the emoticons that i can finally use the emots,aight?well, it turns out i was checking my old blog and when i accidentally clicked the New Post, i realized all the emots i installed are available in Compose mode. i posted something, it worked, hurriedly LO and open my current blog. =( sik boleh,ma!izit coz with my old blog i use gmail and with this one i use yahoo?someone suggested that but is that even possible? sigh~

never mind..i'll live 

*                   *                       *                       *                            *                             *                            *

B is upset, for losing the diamond on his ring. it was suppose to be our official engagement ring but when we postponed the E-Day, he decided he wanted to wear it afterall coz he told me he felt 'so engaged' already..he never let it go and even wear it to sleep..

and earlier when we watching Rajalawak with mum, dad and my bro, he suddenly realized the diamond had gone missing..i saw the frustration on his face but he speak so little of it while he tried to look for it. we helped him find it but couldnt find it. kecik sangat bah! =( 

he was so darn upset, he said no when i asked if he wanted to use the lappy [he usually go online until the break dawn] and went straight to sleep. i felt so bad for him. i did say something about him already having  2 rings [i gave him a ring as a gift when we started seeing each other and it broke into two after a game of bowling] and both are well, broken. 

then i regret.. me and me mouth

i'm so sorry sayang.. a ring can be replaced, but you..i can never have anyone else to replace u..i was so touched i cried when u say "by, even we can replace the diamond, it's not the same'...

i know.. but it'll still be our ring ok? let's just say that a new diamond meant a new beginning. 

for both of us.

i love u sayang. smile in the morning when u send me to work ok? kiss kiss

i think i'm gonna sign off now. nite everyone. lock all doors and windows. dont forget to say prayers for u and you loved ones.


Saturday, February 6, 2010


me & my B iscrazy about dedicating songs to each other [HAH!gila jiwang at times.doink~]
..and one the songs i gave him was this song, earlier in the relationship.. one of the girls auditioned in Denver for American Idol S9 sang this..and i immediately missed my baby so much~




Steps 2 Trust

do i need this? Photobucket

yes i believe i do and i am not ashamed to confess. i guess those 'not in good terms' breakups in the past did tainted how i trust people around me. and i am not just saying this coz i still have some 'speedbumps' in my relationship with my beau, but to others who comes [stay] & go in my life. i learn to be better at it, but sometimes when days are just not going on my way, craps got the worse of me, and sometimes i had one those 'episodes' and always regret myself later 

i am relieved and so grateful that B is very understanding and helping me all the way. i'm sorry i hurt with some of those things u said, you know i'm trying best. ILU,B!

it'll be a year soon, and i know some people took longer time to decide if they want to go to the next chapter, and i know it's kinda fast for us. but i believed it's meant to be[mushy!]. with blessings from our parents, i know will get through this smoothly and forever be together being a complete person for each other. [now that sounds like a draft of a wedding vow ]

for now i live fellow 'drop by'ers this. 

How to Overcome Trust Issues in a Relationship



Before talking to anyone else, ask yourself some serious questions. Are the trust issues coming from you, your partner or the past? Generally, even when one person is clearly at fault, there are contributing factors from both sides-even if it's one person making a mistake and the other overreacting. This creates a spiral of blame, anger and mistrust. Alternately, is the issue a relationship from your past that is affecting your attitudes toward the current one?

Ask your closest friends and family for their opinions. Don't lead them with your theories; instead, be open to their interpretations.

Tell your partner during a calm conversation what you are thinking. Avoid phrases like "We need to talk," which rarely precede something good. Instead, say something like, "I feel like we're having some trust problems, and I want to work through them with you."

Give him or her ample time to think before meeting at a pre-arranged time so that you both walk into the conversation on a level playing field.


Select a calm and neutral atmosphere and approach the situation rationally. If necessary, apologize for surprising him or her with this situation, but stress that it's from a position of love (or of whatever stage your relationship is in).

Set ground rules for the conversation. For example, if things begin to get heated, take time to cool down before resuming. State that this is not about blame, but rather about getting things into the open to repair them. It's like an infected wound that will make you sick if you leave it untreated, but will heal if you air it out and remove the infection (however painful that process may be).

Calmly talk about your theories and agree to be open to each other's interpretations. Avoid statements that begin with "you" and opt instead for ones that begin with "I feel." It's not about right or wrong. It's about solving the problem, no matter whose fault it is.

Set goals. Think of small ways you can restore trust. Not something cheesy like Trust Falls--perhaps setting a deadline for painting the garage and meeting it.

Meet the goals you set, and follow up after a few weeks. See if things are improving. If they are, set new goals. Know that this is a process: You can't build trust overnight, but you can over time.
**If the conversation fell apart, get extra help: Find a mutual friend who won't take sides and can keep you both level-headed. Have the conversation again with this friend in the room. This friend can tell you both when you're being unreasonable, and because it's a friend, they want to see you succeed together. A lack of trust doesn't have to signify the end, but if left untreated, it can destroy the relationship. Be prepared for this--with the hopes that knowledge of this may help both of you to come to terms with things. 

i know a lot of people are looking forward to the V-Day next week, so wish everyone in love, no matter what stages of relationship you all are, a better, happier, more meaningful love this year and many years to come.make that hingga hujung nyawa.Amin 

love & regards,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i'll do it the hard way if i have to!

this emoticons' making me crazee!!! 
but i did it.. the hard way [klik & read method 2]

kerana terlalu mahu, berjam2 ni mengadap me i did method 1 & 3 [rujuk link di atas] tapi to no avail! 
i was so entertained by blogs with these emoticons i tried everything to get it tapi asyik nda' dapat jak!!geram eh!

so skrg nie kenduri copypaste html code lah saya nie mau di save dlm notepad for future use. gilak kah apa kerja kan? tapi kalau sudah mau!

lantak!yang penting blog saya ada emoticons nie!!woohoo
Photobucket  **gumbira

**berlari-lari gumbira blognya punya emots

"Teacher derma RM1 ja, sy derma RM3!" part II

No more class until 11.00am. 

Books to mark - 4  
NILAM nomination form to fax - 4  
Storymate form to fill - 4  

I'm in the library trying to figure out what activity to give the year 3 students coming over to the library (11.00am). i'm replacing their English teacher for the day (cikgu nya pegi pre-natal check up). 

sambil tu, i blob lah sumthin' here kan.

i'm still trying to recap the darndest things my students said to me yesterday, but let me begin with what i heard from Hasma's (she is also a subtitue teacher here, doing Bahasa & Moral classes for Y2 &Y3. she's fresh from STPM and she's still adapting to this teaching thing. but she's OK.she'll pull thru.ganbatte, Hasma!)

Hasma: Apa kita patut buat kepada orang yang cacat?

Murid: [ **senyap dan memandang ke arah buku dengan mata terkebil-kebil]

Hasma: Orang cacat mesti di...... [**penuh pengharapan..]

Murid: di....[**teragak-agak...] di..CUCI!

Hasma: orang cacat mesti dicuci????

hmmm...i don't think the student really understand what cacat/handicapped means. but sure she knows what cuci means kan?but then again, i hear her humming a famous pop song. tahu lagu pop tapi nda' tau apa tu orang cacat? sayangkan~

[note: Worksheet yang Hasma bagi ni fill in the blanks with a list of answers for the students to choose..di cuci, di layan, di hormat,etc.. :-)]

Student 1: Cikgu, mana cikgu R?

Me: Mulai dari hari ini, saya akan gantikan Cikgu R untuk kelas English kamu 
**senyum..ikhlas ok :-P

Student 1: **mencebik..Saya mau Cikgu R! Apa nie hari-hari cikgu lain yang masuk? **cebik lagi

Me: **senyum ja' lah.. and continue with lesson..apa boleh saya cakap? Suck it up, kid. i'm not here for long anyway?err..i dont think so ..hehe..

Student 2: Cikgu, kalau saya tidak derma untuk taung Haiti, ok kah?

Me:terpulang kepada kamu.itu bukan paksaan. kalau rasa ada duit lebih & mahu bantu, dermalah. 10sen pun ok. ** baru mau open the story pasal kanak-kanak mangsa gempa Haiti..

Student 2 : **mencelah..oh ok..saya tidak dermalah cikgu.Duit belanja saya sikit ja' ni hari ini.

Me: Berapa duit kamu belanja kamu? 

Student 2: RM5 ja! 

errkk...RM5 ja??!!!aku pun dapat dut belanja dari luv RM5,aku derma jugek RM1 hahaha.. alahai~

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Teacher derma RM1 ja, sy derma RM3!"

today's is officially first day i begin teaching.received the schedule early in the morning. not really packed lah the schedule, but since i'm replacing the Media Teacher, i bet more duties will start demanding my time. skrg pun dah sibuk urus NILAM. we [ewah we tuu..but honestly, i am yet to bond with the school..masih terlalu awal untuk merasakan sebarang ikatan :-P] are sending two Year 6 to represent the school to find suitable  to compete in ensuring position as District rep for the State & National level. klik di sini untuk apa itu NILAM.

My Schedule:

MONDAY - 10.30am-11.00 am & 12.00pm - 1.00pm
TUESDAY - 7.10am - 8.10am
WEDNESDAY - 7.40am - 8.40am ,  8.40am - 9.40am & 10.30am - 11.30am
THURSDAY - 7.10am - 7.40am & 7.40am - 8.40am
FRIDAY - 8.40am - 9.40am

macam-macam jadi kalau mengajar kelas Tahun 2-3 nie.. soalan pun 'kreatif'..dari sehat menjadi kurang sehat bila terpaksa 'agak menjerit' baru dapat respond dari murid-murid. respond yer cik kak cik abang..bukan fokus, getting them to focus rather than just mere repond that sometimes lasted sooner than you can finish saying [Aloysius] Snuffleupagus.. memang mulai esok kena ubah strategi kena student centred sebab teacher centred surely nda' boleh pakai. mlm ni kena buat BBM ler~

[tersentuh hati bila ada murid yang cakap "cikgu nda' payahlah pindah sekolah lain. Di sini ja' lah"..aaawww]

macam2 conversation dalam kelas hari nie yang mencuit hati [cth:tajuk entry] tapi memandangkan saya kurang sehat [migrain's almost time of the month] so nanti i update with that. kalau ada kudrat, soon la kali. 

P.S: to know either u have been a good student or not so good student or very 'jajal' [read:nakal] student, jadilah guru.karma will reveal. Me?well... ^_^ 



kedapatan!!! [survey2 blog2 yg menarik]

 bah cemana juga.nescafe bah tadi tu.tu ja minuman panas yang ada depan mata..:-P

alah, i know u want to take this lappy away from me bah kan,B? bluek!

mau kena bangun 5.30am nie.jam 6am kena gerak, so bleh sampai before 7am~

 kerja jadi CIKGU macam nie lah.kalau tidak sabar, tidak kuat iman pergh, macam2 tatasusila pendidik dilanggar

  uhuk uhuk **ingat pasal sorang cikgu yang tidak datang sekolah DUA BULAN!!

Sayang... luv u aa! tidur dulu saya! kita belum decide lagi kan our schedule?sigh.

[cikgu] nay

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I did IT!

 i did it. seriiously i was skeptical about surviving my 1st day! [wah nampaknya melulu entry pasal me@SKSG nie. huhu. ketaralah jiwa penuh gejolak.] 

so a few minutes ago another teacher also handling the PS when to meet up with me while i was also clearing up. i guess i can head home sooner tomorrow unless i have to be taking over Sharizan's duty [cikgu nie lah yang saya ganti.dia cuti bersalin] in preparing the students for the Sports Day on the 23rd &24th this month. nampaknya kena bawa baju sukanlah besok.lama dah nda'  turun padang nie, baru niat mau maintain kulit [bluek!] yang sudah memang kurang sehat, turung padang maksudnya hanguslah kulit [dan harapan!dush!].

alah macam nda' biasa bah kan. kaki sukan jugak :-P

now watching the students leaving for home. kejap lagi sunyilah SKSG. B is on his way tapi entahlah bila sampainya. maklumlah trafikjem KK nie sudah mcm sepupusepapat trafikjem KL.basilah i menunggu~

ok.seriously mau terkucil. mana tandas??!!!




Good Morning Cikgu!

location: Pusat Sumber SKSG.

ok, settle sudah sesi berjumpa dgn guru besar (Encik Mohd Gahni-wah, pemimpin yang berkarisma lah GB nie.dgr cerita sangat rajin bekerja. tadi pun masa lapor diri, briefing baik punya lah.tapi saya suka bila seorang pemimpin itu mampu bersikap.tegas tapi masih buat saya rasa selesa). sebelum tu dah jumpa Pen.Kanan, Pn. Quin (nama ini saya sgt suka!). apapun, she's OK too. she reminds me of one of the administrator in my mum's school.  Dah jumpa kerani untuk isi borang [penting tu.gaji beb! hihi] and dah tengok kelas. [ok, honestly, mungkin saya akan sesat untuk mencari kelas esok pagi tapi mulut kena riingan bertanya lah kan ^_^].

Sudah membawa kaki yang agak berat melangkah ikut PK masuk bilik guru. bukan apa, 1st day jadi orang baru, so mix feelings lah. manalah tau kan guru sementara nie kurang diiterima.huhu. Bukan buruk sangka, bercakap melalui pengalaman ja bah kan. tapi so far OKlah, tadi jumpa about 10 of the teachers. one of the teacher offered me to sit next to her [will credit her later. tadi bingung bk betul bah nama.i only remembered Asmah, tu pun kurang pasti which one is the tuan punya nama. :-P ]

PK offered to show the Pusat Sumber cz the teacher i'm replacing is also Guru Media & her room is in the Bilik Media. i was supposed to get all her books but her room was locked so PK told me i can stay in here for the day and can begin teaching tomorrow. jadual pun belum dapat lagi. this is a one session school that means classes are only in the morning and during the afternoon, ada latihan sukan, meeting, kelab,etc lah. am kinda exposed to this since my mum is a cikgu and i AM living in school compund but this would be my first tiime involving in such activities. dulu adalah jugak join Cikgu Kalsum train budak2 main bola jaring but that was about it ..hihi..

So here i am blogging, well, the library is super clean, all books in shelves so nothing much to do. blog lah. i vowed not to FB during working hours so nanti malam kali lah baru ada masa FB. huhu~ [semoga semangat pendidik ini berkekalan selama saya d SKSG nie.ganbatte!! [wah gitu]

Apa yang menarik perhatian saya hari ini [well banyak yang menarik hati tapi ini yang top the chart lah: GB suka bila saya mention pasal harapan saya mampu capai visi & misi sekolah even for short period, then he said "Saya sengaja minta supaya V & M itu diletak d atas, biar susah dicapai.tapi kita kena cari jalan untuk mencapainya." maklumlah Cluster School kan (read: selected school given autonomy and administration and adequate funding to excel in specialised fields; academic,sports, or extra curricular activities) of choice)

i see this as a challenge [nah my inner warrior walking LOL]. bukan senang kan mengajar pelajar sekolah cluster. the demand for commitment is rather high. Bonus: i'll be teaching kelas yang agak lemah.huhu..since my time is not so jam-packed, i might be given more classes to teach. rasanya i dont mind.2 bulan ja pun kan. jangan di suruh yang bukan2 sudahlah!

i'm going through the Rancangan Tahunan pasni mau cari Harian lagi. never mengajar elementary students bah~ kena rujuklah. good thing i have this lapp+broadband with me. [wah, school almost over nie.petang ni kena stay or how ya?tak best lah duduk no work to do.especially dalam BilikGuru.toink~segan tu. guru lain byk mau di buat.takkan mau berblog dalam tu kan?

alahai ni kes bosan nie jari macam malas berhenti menaip. sunyi dalam Pusat Sumber (PK bagitau dalam ni adam ehem2..jengjengjeng).

bah sini dulu lah aa. kalau bosan saya blob lagi. dengar budak2 dalam library (yep, baru ja masuk tadi dgn cikgu yang cumil. jom belajar mandarin. Wo ai ni, ni ai la la la.. :-P )



Se-Early Morning!

yes.sejak dpt 'cuti dari kerja' buan lalu, bangun awal pagi was almost never in my daily routine (with the exception of having very-very important thing to do in town, or we have catering to do) so when i was told to come early in the morning today (ya, sy blobbing dlm kereta on the way to the 'Jabatan' to get my appointment letter then head to SKSG for my 1st day there. so waking up at 6am was something hard jugaklah.i snoozed 2 times but finally at 6.30am, i decided to fight the sleepiness (dahlah semalam tidur lewat kan.padan muka saya!] and hit the shower. 

i cant' stop thinking how my 1st day is going to be [saya ni ada 'musim' senang bawa diri dan easily adapt tapi ada 'musim' pulak...tulah..u know what i mean kan?] harap2 the guru-guru there would be very accepting and help me feel comfortable. saya di sana pun 2 bulan ja~

OK, B is showing me through the route to SKSG  [kerana diri ini ada masalah menghafal jalan]  from home so i better hit Publish now.

Wish me LUCK!

p,.s:mau guna bah onion emoticons utk blog. dah install tapi still kenot use.frust!




yes..that is exactly how i feel now.. FINALLY! why?

1) my dearest buddy kema told me that she have problem commenting on my blog because of the layout i was using since yesterday. wasn't aware about that before kema kema mention about it. TQ princess! why FINALLY? well, i started fixing the layout, going thru a lot of blogger layouts sites since early afternoon [i even carry around the heavy laptop with my broadband attached to it while accompanying B doing errands @Socso & KWSP. i tried a lot of those layouts that caught my attention but always have problem; cant comment lah, XML problem la [ah tak fahamnya!]. sudahlah frust bila niat ke klinik to do med-checkup tidak kesampaian coz we arrived just in time for the registration counter to put up 'MAAF TUTUP' sign.blah~

make things worse? laptop died while waiting for the clock to strike 2pm so the counters @ Socso's back in the business (kenapalah keluar berurusan masa lunch hour.dush!) so i am left with a very heartbroken feeling coz i know we won't be able to go home until later tonight to give me time to plug in the laptop and start again with my blog construction. so, the moment we reached home @11pm, i went straight to change and plug in the laptop. after a few of frustrating tries, i got it right with this layout i'm using now. FINALLY!

2) i am officially off the previous job after my contract ended and because of the bad economy, no $$ was allocated to continue having us serve longer but, hey! that's life bah kan? so chin up, i started looking for better and more promising jobs since convo is still far ahead to use BA.TeSL. i had set to go for this appointment to attend the interview for a telecommunication company on the 6th when i received a call that i was offered to be a substitute teacher in a elementary school in town. yeay~ i would be doing it for a month [i expected it to be two, but hey, the pay is RM2*** so no hal..i'll backup with job hunting while doing the sub so will not 'run out of job'. [adakah itu ayat sesuai?haha.bah, cemana mau mengajar ni ayat pun not sure?] So, FINALLY a job.

)FINALLY, i get to watch a movie (thanx to B..luv u,hun!) after a month not being able to do so. rasanya tidak layak sudah mau kena panggil movie maniac ni tau~we watched Fairy Tooth (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) and had decent good laughs along the way. i know some people might say he all his movie flops but i am still a fan. i watched all his movie. :-P B said if we want to have $$ for the wedding, we need to 'rehat dulu belanja yang kurang penting' so i guess it would be some time bfore we can enter GSC's movie halls again. but my goal is June so a few months 'movie celibacy' won't hurt i guess [ya ka?huhu]

watching reruns of So You Think You can Dance now. will sleep at 2am lah ni (tomorrow bangun jam 6am, B said we need to be at Pejabat Pendidikan 8am sharp so we can sampai at the sekolah SKSG asap). B is already fidgeting for this laptop sp i guess it's gudnite.

till then, selamat malam. mimpi yang indah ya!


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