Sunday, February 28, 2010


how i missed our usual trip to hunt for a perfect spot to share some moments for sunset viewing. B's kinda busy these days and always ended up closing business way late at night. My schedule with my dear Abby is also clashing more than before and i don't do sunset-hunting on my own. macam nda' best kan sorang2  =P

i have always been a fan of photography for sometimes and always imagined of getting marvellous shots of sunsets. not an owner of a DSLR (yet! haha), i am still lobbying dad to help me buy one in advance, and later work out a payback plan. wah, personal banker gitu.

i know it won't be soon that i am able to catch up with the sunsets here in KK, so to remind me of what i am missing...

Beach 3, Tg Aru, KK
view from my room window

Likas Bay



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Tekkaus said...

Why not? Sometimes these sunsets can be so...inspiring and calming.

Nay-MrsNurl said...

yup.. :) thats why i love sunsets..

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