Saturday, February 27, 2010


i guess by now all Astro subscribers wold actually know who is 'Halimah'. B is kinda hooked to the story but he told me purely because the story is funny, not coz he thinks being 'jongang' is something to laugh at..i don't really watch it but mum does. my dad hates it, coz he says it's like menghina people with the 'J'ness.. mum likes the story coz of the plot, and she has always bee Aznah Hamid's fan and to see Aznah's daughter also acting and thinking she's doing a great job portraying the character (personally, i think so to..she's come a long way after those stereotype roles in the million-dollar-director movies/dramas)..
i know the producer/director/screenplay writer of this series would definitely day the main reason they made it was because the want to show to the community that people with such 'condition' (i keep on saying condition..if it is improper, then correct me.TQ) would still stand out and do great things in life just like people around them and we shouldn't look down or treat them disrespectfully. and yeah, maybe in a way, the vision worked out. 

the problem?not everyone seems to take the advice wholeheartedly. a lot of my students started singing the OST and started replacing Halimah's name with their friends name (one time, my fellow colleague was also a 'victim' when one of her Year 3 students started to sing the song using her name!) .. parents and teacher should take time to explain to our youngsters and understand the whole idea of the series (and it's song) and explain to them that singing the song to make fun of other people is really² not nice thing to do.

the ultimatum of this (for me ) was when i accompany B to squad for the DBKK Bowling Open last night. when we were waiting for his turn to use the lanes, a bunch of people lead by one person, started singing the song, and B abruptly pulled me away and told me we should sit at the dart room. i was baffled because honestly, i was enjoying myself watching those bowling pins 'crumbles'.. then he told me he didn't want to be near those people while they are singing in a very mocking way coz a couple we know was playing next to them and the wife happens to be ..well, J.. =( 

the couple is a regular customer at B's pro shop so it would be awkward if they notice we are sitting together to that bunch of people who is mocking the wife. i suddenly felt bad and felt sorry for the wife and to all with J problem.seriously i do. i like to believe that i am a bit of a J myself, though maybe not so much obvious compared to others with it, but still, sometimes i am a bit conscious with it. just that i always tell myself to just ignore it.

when we went back to the lanes, we notice the wife stopped laying, and the husband ended up playing  all the remaining games for both of them. she looked disturbed and clearly unhappy about it. we overheard her saying something about confronting those people teasing her but the husband told to her to just let it go. i know she was on the verge of tears but she was holding back, managed to smile and wave g'bye at me as the left. 

the thing that angered me the most?the very person that started the whole thing was a man of low integrity, based on his bad track records dealing with people in the past. i know it's wrong to label people but with him, i am making an exception. he is a scoundrel. and making fun of other man's wife?his wife is not so much a nice view to look at either. yes, i know i shouldn't say such a thing but this is personal. i know how the wife also like to make fun or talk bad things about other people. so yeah~

i'm catching up on BLA so will blob more soon. their muay thai session is so interesting!!ciao~


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ArmaniWhite said...

so mean kan nai.. nnt kena anak cucu dorg, baru tau

MrsNurl said...

tulah.. ngilu nie.. i mean yalah, lawak mmg lawak..komedi mmg komedi..tapi bertempat lah kan.. ni depan2 orang tu bah.. entahlah..ikut hati mau juga tegur/sindir tapi nanti kin gaduh jak

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