Monday, February 8, 2010

I Say A Lil Prayer

i couldn't sleep.
i guess i overslept.

woke up early to usher B to work, then i went straight to bed again, since i stayed up all night the previous night [erk!apakah ayat ini..?]. our house had been broken into 3 times before and once when my sister & I was sound asleep. i woke up seeing a boy trying to rummage into our stuffs!even thinking about sent shivers to my spine! so when i heard weird sounds below [we lived in a 3 story flat-for teachers] i decided i needed to stay up just in case..

so.... oversleeping earlier was for paying the debt..and now, i am wide awake..i did some changes for my blog [kema, i told u in the comment about the emoticons that i can finally use the emots,aight?well, it turns out i was checking my old blog and when i accidentally clicked the New Post, i realized all the emots i installed are available in Compose mode. i posted something, it worked, hurriedly LO and open my current blog. =( sik boleh,ma!izit coz with my old blog i use gmail and with this one i use yahoo?someone suggested that but is that even possible? sigh~

never mind..i'll live 

*                   *                       *                       *                            *                             *                            *

B is upset, for losing the diamond on his ring. it was suppose to be our official engagement ring but when we postponed the E-Day, he decided he wanted to wear it afterall coz he told me he felt 'so engaged' already..he never let it go and even wear it to sleep..

and earlier when we watching Rajalawak with mum, dad and my bro, he suddenly realized the diamond had gone missing..i saw the frustration on his face but he speak so little of it while he tried to look for it. we helped him find it but couldnt find it. kecik sangat bah! =( 

he was so darn upset, he said no when i asked if he wanted to use the lappy [he usually go online until the break dawn] and went straight to sleep. i felt so bad for him. i did say something about him already having  2 rings [i gave him a ring as a gift when we started seeing each other and it broke into two after a game of bowling] and both are well, broken. 

then i regret.. me and me mouth

i'm so sorry sayang.. a ring can be replaced, but you..i can never have anyone else to replace u..i was so touched i cried when u say "by, even we can replace the diamond, it's not the same'...

i know.. but it'll still be our ring ok? let's just say that a new diamond meant a new beginning. 

for both of us.

i love u sayang. smile in the morning when u send me to work ok? kiss kiss

i think i'm gonna sign off now. nite everyone. lock all doors and windows. dont forget to say prayers for u and you loved ones.


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