Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Se-Early Morning!

yes.sejak dpt 'cuti dari kerja' buan lalu, bangun awal pagi was almost never in my daily routine (with the exception of having very-very important thing to do in town, or we have catering to do) so when i was told to come early in the morning today (ya, sy blobbing dlm kereta on the way to the 'Jabatan' to get my appointment letter then head to SKSG for my 1st day there. so waking up at 6am was something hard jugaklah.i snoozed 2 times but finally at 6.30am, i decided to fight the sleepiness (dahlah semalam tidur lewat kan.padan muka saya!] and hit the shower. 

i cant' stop thinking how my 1st day is going to be [saya ni ada 'musim' senang bawa diri dan easily adapt tapi ada 'musim' pulak...tulah..u know what i mean kan?] harap2 the guru-guru there would be very accepting and help me feel comfortable. saya di sana pun 2 bulan ja~

OK, B is showing me through the route to SKSG  [kerana diri ini ada masalah menghafal jalan]  from home so i better hit Publish now.

Wish me LUCK!

p,.s:mau guna bah onion emoticons utk blog. dah install tapi still kenot use.frust!



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