Thursday, February 18, 2010

sungguh!aku mahu!

sungguh² mahu celebrate my B's birthday [tommorow!!] 
but he insisted we don't coz he doesn't do birthdays either..
[ we dont do V-Day as well]..but that i tak kesah..
this is his 1st birthday with me so i  was thinking of something simple n sweet maybe just the two of us since he rejected the idea of makan² at his family's or mine..
he warned me not to proceed with my 'cake-plan' from PSH [ kek-keknya sungguh heaven~gulp!] .. 

 PSH's cake for my 27th..delish!!


 a surprise sweetness from B for my 27th last year..

ok, honestly we are running very² low on RMs but a special day like birthday or anniversaries deserves a lil treat bah kan?[saving it all for's coming sooner than i expected!] sigh~ 
i got him a gift though..nothing fancy, nothing expensive.. 
last thing i want is him to bebel me on the price.. HAHAHA~


need to get back to work. there are some assignments to be 'entertained'. 


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