Saturday, February 27, 2010

auto signature!

holla peeps!

i guess everybody realized that the more u learn, you'll realize there's more u don't know.and so today, as i was surfing, with main intention to find a new background for my blog, i found this @

Automatic Blog Signature:

FIRST, Make an image that will be your signature. A good size for this is 160x80pixels.

SECOND, Upload it to an image hosting site, such as Photobucket or Flickr (just two of the many sites out there).

THIRD, After uploading it, copy the HTML Code.

FOURTH, Get it to publish automatically on every blog post:
  • In Blogger, click Settings tab, then
  • Click Formatting. next,
  • Scroll down the page, to the Post Template box.
  • Paste your Signature’s HTML Code into the text area next to the words Post Template
  • Click SAVE button
  • TRY IT! Go to make a new post – there you should see your Signature in the editing post box! 

i did my signature in

i still have a long way to go with this blog thing but I'm staying..and won't stop learning~blogging can lots a fun =)



2 left

ArmaniWhite said...

pakai animated siggy pun cool jugak..hehe

MrsNurl said...

oh ya.. a fren told me about that hihi.. jap lagi lah mo try..tq ;p

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