Tuesday, March 2, 2010


and so the heat has taken a toll on the fragile me..sigh~ hearing from people (yes, these days, i don't even have the energy to find out the latest news myself and rely mostly on my news-addict dad & info-seeker-better-half..usually i am the first to Google & find out everything but now..I'm the last to know..more sighing) that this heatwave is going stay for another month, (i was darn hoping march would bring some 'dampness' (never thought that word could mean something +ve to me now hu hu) man do I grief!

See, when I was only a few months old, i had one of those terrifying hot fever and unless a doctor (God Bless him) literally put me in a basin with ice cubes to lower my temp, i won't be here today 'entry'ing.. and so the ordeal begin..i am now, for the rest of life, very sensitive to extreme temperature; too cold i'll get asthma attack easily & repetitively,severe headache and can catch fever for weeks, too hot and my migraine could last for for than 72hrs, body aches like a monstrous anvil was put on me and the body just cease to function..SIGH~

B said i could never survived winter and a trip to Africa would literally kill me(choi!) .. but who freakin' cares?We live as long as we breath bah kan?I did a lot of wonderful things all this years, competing in sports indoor & outdoor, being under the sun longer than any healthy people..and lovin' this life, albeit the speed-bumps here and there..(biasalah tu, nama pun 'LIFE' kan?cewah)..

ok, why the sudden Oprah-living-life-the-fullest-kinda-talk? (btw, i HEART Oprah!!)

I am getting weaker because of the heat and God forbid, i feel sometimes i might collapse while teaching in a class of 44 8-years-old students..i can't scream at the top my lung like usual, had to surrender to some of those usual antics they 'provided on a daily basis' for me ...
 the student wearing glasses & a veil is Haiqal.yup a boy.HA HA check out Joseph and another friend measuring height ( further back..)

lovable-chaos =) i'm gonna missed this bunch of rugrats!!

and alllll these is just to keep the spirit up.. ( I still have 6 days of teaching here, 3 exams day so yeah.. GANBATTE!! hi hi..

vision is blurry. must stop now. need water. will leave y'all with these.....



sight for sore eyes..huh? hi hi ...

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