Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I just finish browsing the Internet looking for job vacancies, found a few that suits me and applied right away. Only one company (so near to B's pro shop, hoping to get that job.^_^) required me to send resume via mail, will send it tomorrow. it's easier when we can just e-mail our resumes these days. 

B told me we need to be very thrifty starting this month since there are lotsa bills to pay between us, and we need to save up some more for the W. There are a few 'setbacks' in the process of making sure the W is on schedule, and more $$$ and time and energy need to be given 'extra effort'. 

So, for now B said we have to sacrifice : NO movies, NO JJCM (huh, i was just about to plan for some JJCM for the A-day this Saturday. there's this eating spot we'd always wanted to go but always fail to do so. **sigh).  i notice he stopped buying his favorite mags, less of his ciggies too. He's determined & I am forver grateful for that ^_^

I wanted to tell B, can we at least go celebrate A-Day somewhere, you know a quick dinner, or maybe get takeouts & go to our favorite 'Bay' (the sunset is incredible there), but he seemed determined to just celebrate it 'domestically'. haish. He said;

"After all is settled, we can go anywhere you want. London, even". 


Should i succumb to it or is London just a matter-of-speech? or he just blurt out the first name of place that comes into mind. I never told him directly how i'd always wanted to go to London (we're both craZee about Korea!) but...

hah,daydreaming lagi!

About the sunset..

nice, yes?

**1st year annivesary gift element is Paper. what to give ya?

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