Tuesday, March 30, 2010


yes, FOOD. 

this blog is fast becoming a food blog. I can't help it that i love food. i love other things too, but how cant you not love good food? 

latest fetish?


Yes, I am addicted to apples. specifically red apples, crunchy and huge (but sometimes the small ones are vewy2 good too!)i used to have an apple a day (it did kept the doctors away..) 
but up until recently, i suddenly needed an apple for breakfast, lunch and dinner! but the good thing is, eventhough my breakfast usually fits for a king, my lunch and dinner are well, maybe something Merlin and Gaius would normally have. (they don't reallyt eat much, don't they?)

oh noooo. it's not what u think it is.
hahaha. i can assure it's not because of THAT!

i just happen to fall in love with this fruit that actually originated from ASIA!that's all..
no no, not 'that's all' my-entry-ends-here..just 'that's all' i-just-happen-to-fall-in-love-with-this-fruit hi hi

jangan marah aaaa..kalau marah kena jual

more recent food encounters

Hong Kong Mee..
where is the love mee?wrapped in fried egg.

Kerabu Fried Rice.
help me cope for not being able to get good dosage of nasi kerabu for quite some time now.

Alang-alang kan? why not this blog goes all the way sharing good food.
(ya, Nami. I will keep the 'kelims' in mind.haha)

need to go and get the afternoon apple.

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