Sunday, March 14, 2010

the attack & the wave

hola.. i'm back.. haven't been able to blob for quite some time coz of workloads and yeah, lack of voice is not tback to normal after 2 weeks, the coughing still around and to make it worse, had one of the worse asthma attack i had in years. i was frantic coz breathing was such a painful thing to do. i couldn't lie down and had tot sit down tot be able to breath. i search like a mad hen for my inhaler but to no avail. had to put hot ointments on my chest and my back, hoping to help ' my lungs open up some space'. i figured i only slept for about an hour the whole night. B offered to send me to hospital, but that was before everythting got really bad and i shrugged off the idea.

only after i was really sick and turning blue that i felt i really need to go the hospital but when i noticed it's 4.30 am and bet everyone is sound asleep, i hold back the urge. i sat up, tried to control my breathing, getting as much as oxygen into my lungs, lay down again and try to find the best position.  i was only half asleep the whole time until i notice the sun rise peeking through my faded drapery. sigh~

when mum woke me up at 7am, [well, at least she thought she was waking me up..] i don't have the energy to go to the door but when she insisted i opened it, i drag my wobbly feet to the door. she showed an SMS from a customer, and i told her i would reply the SMS later. when i lay down again, the attack came again. it was not as bad as the one i had the night before, but bad enough to jerk some tears. 

B insisted on the hospital again so after much hesitation and after a 2nd time of failure looking for my inhaler, i went to QEH with B. went straight to the outpatient ward, and after examining, i was given a new inhaler. [hah, i had to used it 2 hours after i reached oh my.. i think i'm back witht inhalers again.. sigh]

the heatwave surely had struck gold with me this time, giving me sore throat, messin' with my vocal chords, even switching on my asthma attack again. i really hope the heatwave will go away SOON, and give us some rain. it's so sad to see grass, trees drying out. i can hardly see flowers blooming these days too. 

mum said maybe i can lose some weight (finally) since i have to refrain myself from eating spicy & oily food, cold drinks are a complete NO-NO..hahahaha..

i do feel i lose some grams (or maybe k'grams HAHAHA) for the past coupla weeks. 

take care of your health people..heard from a friend the heat is staying until May T_T


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