Friday, March 5, 2010


do i bowl?
am i any good at it? 
don't think so..HA HA HA

but one thing for sure, bowling would play a big part of my life coz;
1) i met my darling B in bowling alley when he and another coach trained our bowling team
2) Bowling is his passion, hence the venturing of business in bowling pro shop
 (& he's already planning to have our kid(s) [insyaAllah..] to play bowling unless there are interested in other sports/activities as well [read: i hope one of my kids do music ;p] 
~ho-yeah..already planning about kids are we? **blushing~

my bowling coach-4LIFE! =P

ok now back to reality [wakakaka] ...

i don't have much things to blog (well, OK i do have a lot of' em, just that my mind ain't gettin' the words for it, my heart ain't in the mood for it as well)

since i am updating B's FB with new bowling balls available in their pro shop, I'd thought i share some here as well..

be back with more things to yak about! 

i miss bowling with my old teammates.. T_T

do u bowl?


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