Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Bakso & Grilled Chicken Wings gets The Best of Us.

So OK, we heard stories about how people put weird things like old socks, worn out undies (unwashed and must belong to the food stall owner..yes, **vomit), dead cat's head, and so on and so forth to increase demand and popularity, to ensure customers coming back for more. A lil birdie told me this is one of those black magic practice (pelaris) by some, if not majority, food vendors. These days people become greedier and would do basically anything to get that extra few RMs. **sigh.

4-5  years back, i used to eat at one of the stall near one of the shopping complex in the city, owned by a nice man and his wife. famous for his bakso and chicken claw soup. last time i went there to get some was a coupla years back. a few months ago, a close friend told me the owner and his wife was attacked by a group of people armed with woodstick, stones, etc and was chased around, beaten. minute before, a large pot with steaming soup fell to tthe side and everything was spilled, including a cat's head, believed to be cooked quite a few times u need to examine closer to make sure what it was. people eating at his stall was shocked, some even vomit right away, and the chasing and beating immediately begun. 

i couldn't confirm if the story is true to the finest fact, but everywhere i go, people are still talking about it, and some even swear not to go to any stall selling bakso. See, i am a fan of this homie Javanese cuisine and it's such a big blow to me , 
a) knowing i had been eating at THAT stall so many years before, even promoting how delicious it was to people i know (if any of this story were true, peeps, believe i regret telling u guys to go and try it. i was sincerely sharing something good, at least i thought it was, to people i care..) 
b) wondering to myself, wold i ever venture a new found stall selling nice bakso? ( I know there's one more bakso stall near Abby's place that serve marvellous bakso. i hope he's not into this 'heads' thing.)

B laughed when we talked about this and say he was grateful that each time i suggested that we tried THAT stall, we ended up not going there. he laughed some more when i say the next time we want to go for bakso, or any other food anywhere, be it stalls, restaurants (i was told some restaurants use the same 'method' to..WTH?) we should go for ones with less people, coz a lot people meant there is something in the food the served. 

B shrugged off the idea. and brought me here. it's a stall next to the hypermall here in KK. i hesitated, but when B told me we shouldn't worry too much ( believe me, B's instinct can be so reliable most of the time, better than my female instinct at times LOL) we went there any way. 

it's just a normal 'kampung' style stall selling typical stall foods. we had bakso and B's friend bought some grilled chicken wings. OK lah for a stall like this. at least the workers at threhypermall have better choices than having to surrender to more expensive eateries inside the mall.

In Indonesia, meatballs are called "Bakso" which are usually served in a bowl, like soup, with noodles, beancurds (tofu), eggs, 'siomay'/steamed meat dumpling, and crispy wonton. It has a consistent homogeneous texture, and spices to it.
 licensed to grill hehe

i sincerely hope the owner of this stall is running his business as 'clean' as should be, food-preparing-wise, premise-wise as well as his business intentions are. 

4 left comments..you?:

**~Pu-3~** said...

Cat's head? That's the most horrible thing i ever heard! >_< Dont believe eh, too crazy! But im so curious~

Nyway~ your photos makes me drool T_T it'll be months till i get these stall grilled chicken!

Nay-MrsNurl said...

never saw with own eyes but rumors about 'the head' is spreading widely here in KK at the moment.. a few even confirmed they talked to those who DID saw the head.. such a scary thing..not to mention gross..

ArmaniWhite said...

omaiiiiigodddddd!omaiiiiigodddddd! *pengsan!*

Nay-MrsNurl said...

yup. mmg OMG moment kan. huhu~

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