Saturday, March 20, 2010


i needed to pick up my brother at 8pm later tonight, so i had to send B to work so that i'll be able to use the car later. on the way to B' s proshop, he showed the recent spot where another fire erupted only a few days ago. it was so near to where i lived at the moment and it was so shocking to see it finally earlier today. nothing was mentioned in the newspaper about cause of the fire (there were several, one even happened at the top of the small hill nearby this area) but i am betting on open burning (there is a small village at the side of the hill) and probably irresponsible people throwing away ciggie butts into the already dried to death bushes. 
i reall hope for rain SOON (Ya Allah, please give us some..Amin) coz the heat is is almost unbearable (thank God for the fans and aircons and cold water.. ^_^) but i am honestly worried by these fire problem. so far i've never heard of casualties but who knows what will happen if it continues. I pledge people not to throw away ciggie butts as they pleased. we had just about enough burning already.merci~

isn't these just a sight to sore the eyes?

can you imagine they still have the nerve to burn dried weeds after all those?
gosh, i loathe open burning.

isn't it sad to see a school field so dried up like this?
the field is the same shade as the building already.HOT!!


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