Friday, March 5, 2010

TAG #1

So OK..
i still can't find ways to convince myself to blog about those things i really wanted to, and as i was checking out blogs i follow, i get to Armani's entry on her latest tag.. hehehe..see, i used these kinda Qs when i was still an avid-Friendster user [FS is now officially dead, but never get to delete it..maybe after i do this tag]
....since Nami mentioned all [her] followers get the award

then i get to do this. 

HA HA OK lame.. 
dush. [I'm stuck at home [ALONE!!] staring at my unfinished test papers to mark (almost 150 Visual Art paper, and 44 English paper and it's insanely hot, nothing good on TV,yada yada yada)

So here goes~

Makanan /
KFC (even though i always ended up eating @McD..and, NO!jgn spekulasi..i love them both equally.. =P), chicken rice (Restoren Daily Encik Ziad hihi),  ikan bakar, ayeskrem hehe

Bahan Bacaan CLEO and online reading sources..these days i d ont really spend much on buying mags and books..

Rancangan tv
SoYouThinkYouCanDance, CSIs, RAJALAWAK 4, BiggestLoser, BLA, Amazing Race , OPRAH!!

love to laugh, like to help, demands honesty and sincerity, panic easily, melancholic HA HA

reading, movies, music, Interneting..

let's keep it to ourselves lah kan..if it comes true, then I'll let u know aight

Senarai Penerima Beautiful Blogger Award

to all followers, and those who drop in and leave a few words..

cheers. these days i don't like being alone at home.. need to hit the shower and go to B's place.


3 left

Ernie Khairina said...

hola!! hehe

ArmaniWhite said...

wehuuuu..thanks naii! hehe... len kali aku tag ko lagi ya.. =)

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hola ernie.. hehehe..akhirnya blogging secara awam (apalah punya perkataan..huhu) ya nami..taglah aku selalu ^_^

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