Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yup, there's such thing as Carrots Day. cool huh? dontcha just love carrots? =)

Do you know that there are purple, yellow and  pink carrots and not just orange carrots? ho yeah. i found out about this while watching Are You Smarter Than A 5th huh?

pic courtesy of Wikipedia

i found out on this simple website
that since 2003, Carrots Day is celebrated on the 4th of April (that's soon,yes? ^_^)

honestly, i think it's cute to have these kinda Days to celebrate. (i know International Eat An Apple Day is on the Sept, 20th and Chocolate Day is also in Sept (13th; which is also Ice Creams & Violins Day he he).
Some would think it's freaky or weird or lame or whatever-not, but to those who enjoys having cool and fun parties with friends and family, these Days would really spice things a lil bit. you know, having parties with a certain theme of foods to make it more fun & interesting. besides, we can focus on promoting healthy food (of course not chocolates & ice creams lah kan hi hi) to the younger generations. i mean, seriously, veggies & fruits can be fun,kids. ^_^

OK, confession. why the sudden issue of carrots? See, we usually buy groceries in bulks so that we dont have to go to the market every other day and it's convenient for us busy lots. but here's the thing, sometimes bulks gets the worse of us when we couldn't finish utilizing them before they start to, well, expire or rot especially when it comes to fruits & veggies.

and this week, it's the carrots.

had to be creative and had to used them before they turn 'evil-looking' for last night's menu and this morning breakfast everyone at home had to devour carrots.hahaha.

my Spicy Chicken & Carrots in Oyster Sauce (bro & B had second helpings so OK lah ^_^)

fried mee hoon with lotsa n lotsa carrots ^_^ good for the eyes,yes?

I'm still very new at this kitchen thing eventho i actually enjoy cooking.. i hope to be better in time & serve people well with my dishes. dontcha think it's fun to be experimental and free of deciding how to cook a certain dish? there's no such thing as 'this is the right way to prepare X dish'..right? i mean, as long as it's edible, not poisonous, halal (for us Muslims) and of course presentable..should be ok,right? 
**agree, put up your hands ^_^

**saja ja ni pujuk hati sebab sedar diri tidak terer masak.HA HA


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