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it's been such hectic week and with limited access to internet (will get BB going back into action by the end of this week, at the moment had to share sister's BB which meant almost no access HAHA) ..i promise i'll be back with more so for now, let these shots fill up the vacant. i HAVE a lot to share (still in drafts~sigh~) 

I am very thankful with every visits, for those willingly to follow and comment..i really appreciate your visits,people. God Bless You All.. 

Now, what have our beloved ms.Nay been up to these days?...

learnt making onde-onde from my mum..(pic taken before i even finish doing the rest.do they look yummy?)

and then there was this interview i decided to go to..(YES,i brought my lil p&s wherever i go.managed to snap a few photos before it was turn to be interviewed..
in here.yes i was a bit shocked to find out i was to be interviewed in this room that looked more like a wardrobe/bilik rehat for staffs. such a turn-off. (pic taken while waiting for the interviewer)

B found a shop selling lotsa Be@rBriks! we might start collecting these babies soon~

melting peanut butter+chocolate spread on a hot waffle. who doesn't like this?

what my sister chose to eat for her early dinner after long day at work.sheesh~

Me+Sister singing our heart (and lungs) out while waiting for B to finish work.

I used this photo as my profile picture(FB) and already someone asked if this is a sign i'm auditioning next year HAHA..

oh i'm so tired from all the singing and laughing at each other..

instead of resting, she decided to be tickled by the DHW.hihi (p.s:it's a good[read:funny] book.)

i didn't know why i took this pic. i just love to click click. (someone plz give me a DSLR. i promise i'll do good with it.ok not good. great! hi hi


and there's this lovely sunset i managed to caught up with after quite a while not seeing one..please note that pic was taken while Mr.B was driving, and my photography skills are still very lacking, so let see my best shot... (read that last phrase like Tyra banks always does in the judging room for ANTM he he)

ok,kah? (i love how the trees are positioned)

B won some cash last Sunday in KK Classic...$_$ hoho

Dontcha just HATE these!!!!!
yes, i intentionally show the flat numbers.


B said Size Does Matter so he opted for ...

Me, on the other hand, is just happy with my ..
ooo yeah..

Alvin MY's (u might remember him from Infinatez-GangStarz-) EP is available now. Well, since he is currently an independent artist and spreading his wings as a solo here in Sabah (yes, he is a Sabahan), his EP are only available at selected places, mostly in Sabah lah. As for KK, easily go and grab one at Nasi Ayam Antarabangsa (hahaha nasi ayam lagi..i know i know..) branches in Sulaman Sentral, Alamesra or Universiti Plaza (UA).. RM10 only y'all!!

 I am not sure if it is still available at KL or elsewehere in peninsular Msia coz last i heard it was available at Laman Budaya Shah Alam (you can also get more info about Alvin MY in facebook, just search for Alvin MY-The Sabahan Soul.. 

 feel free to reach me if u wanted a copy, i'll be happy to assist..(all costs tanggung sendiri yer..i'm planning a W, so budget is tight huhu)

till then..be safe, don't forget to say 'love' to those u care, stay healthy & take time to just...
breathe.. ^_^ 

p.s: baby, tq for buying me 2 copies of Alvin's EP! hihi xoxo

3 left comments..you?:

Drama Mama said...

haaaaaaa apsal blog u ni banyakkkk sangat makanan. baru i nak drool tengok onde2 tu, dah ada gambar burger laks. terliur okeh!

Ernie Khairina said...

besar sudah si nadia

Nay-MrsNurl said...

Mama,i am a food lover..tu yg asal ada mood nak snap2 gmbr jek,mesti ada mknan yg enter frame hehehe..

Ernie, c nadya tu besar as in umur jak, tp size kecit jak hehe..1 umur bh diakan sama nurul..or c gadik? hmmm...

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