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yes. too hot. it's blistering hot out there and so my mood dampens. to update even though my heart (and my fingers) itch every now and then to click 'New Post'. I went through latest  entries of them followers and those i followed (oh yes fellow blog buddies, I follow for a reason : I love reading your blog ^_^) leave comments when necessary (sometimes, i just don't know what to say.maybe i should just so they know i was around kan?what say u?)

There's a new routine in town. pick up sister for lunch at 1pm (she's doing her practical at the Fishery R&D Department) glad it's just a 10mins drive from home (if ada road congestion pun, lebih kurang 20mins boleh sampai dah~) (pick her up at 1pm from HOME?oh well, ladies and gents, I am operating at mi casa at the moment.) then send her back before 2pm, and pick her up again at 5pm. (belum..belum ada lesen lagi cik Nad saya tuh.macik, cepatlah ambik lesen.lenguh sudah ni jadik driver ;P)

so far, the first half of today was really challenging for me. B and I left early (sempat lagi makan my mum's pau goreng.B had 3!!) coz we needed to go and get some paperwork done at City Hall (cis, minta pengesahan lesen pun kena bayar RM1+RM12). the challenge is to subdue to the heat se-early morning!!9am is like 12pm, i tell you..(yer, i know 'di sana nanti lagi panas'..) but i'm just saying..well, u know..

 then rush to inspect (wah inspection.mcm police.yes, fashion police hihi) boutiques in one of the mall here. (and so it begins.the headacheS~~). found a few promising offers, then had to rush and buy some lunch for B's colleague. B had to go to work early so that means I had to drive myself to pick up Nad, which I dreaded dong coz it was sooo deng hot today.was it 33c or what? to make it worse...

wasn't sure if there was an accident or people going out for lunch/picking up kids from school but i was stuck in this for nearly 20mins, making my arrival at Nad's office 1.10pm.rush to lunch at home (crazy idea by the little sister who insisted she dine at HOME!!) 

we ended up driving back to her office at 2.10pm, arrival at 2.30pm.hahaha..gilo itu budak praktikal!

p.s: does those flowers remind you of sakura?AKU MAHU JAPAN!will take better photos later =)  

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ilyani said...

ehh I think Penang is even more hotter!!!!!!! >.< everytime daysleep end up with basah belakang sweating!! unbearable heat.. dunno how to survive. nasib baik time nak study boleh pegi library..for aircond (kalu boleh nak tido pun kat library ^^)hehe.

gus said...

yes, jam makes u really stressed. can kill too. add heat to that and its murder.

Ernie Khairina said...

just to let you know that i'm around! hehe astaga tambah panas tgk tu gambar

Nay-MrsNurl said...

not sure la, ilyani..maybe Penang is hotter but here in KK now, driving with no aircond is suicide!aritu kejap ja hujan lebat, after one week, the heat's back. now i literally understaand the term 'udang bakar'!
u rasa mcm nak tido dlm library, me pulak these days enjoy trips to malls more than ever, coz of the 'sejukness' in it.hehe

Nay-MrsNurl said...

i aint the most patient person on earth,gus.cant make it to the top half of the list..traffic jam almost always unleash the 'dragon' in's a good think i am not a honker, but people in the passenger seats definitely suffer a bit of my 'bebelan'..sigh

Nay-MrsNurl said...

tq for droppingby ernie.. hehe tgk gmbr pun panas, worse for the person taking the picture's KL?panas jugak ka? so far i read one girl who thought perlis is the hottest spot in m'sia now hehe. and ilyani there thinks penang is hotter than kk. and i am kinda fried already here in kk (sedang menaip sambil mengelap peluh d dahi wlupun kipas full blast) =)

Tupai Karan said...

btul2! sangat la panas kat penang ni cam your fren ilyani cakap tuh, malam lagi panas.. sian my baby berpeluh macam mandi..

Nay-MrsNurl said...

wah stetmen pengukuhan penang is very2 hot..lah cian baby u tupaikaran.. tp seriously, mmg paling cian kat babies la kan klu time2 hot weather nie..

**tghari ni hujan alam2 manja ja.geram!!

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