Friday, April 16, 2010



i guess i've mentioned before how much my better half love his burgers. So, one night after he finished his work, we went out for a drive to hunt for burger stalls. i told him i don't think any of the stalls are still operating after 10.30pm, at least not in the directions we were heading. So we decided to go for some mee goreng 'Gerai Superman' style, since the stall is near to the house. On the way there, our eyes (well, there weren't any cars on the road so i guess B felt it was safe to drive while looking at the side of the road**cold sweat) were fixed to a spot just next to the Giant.

A circus funfair! I told B there might be burger stalls in there, but it seemed to me the FF was already closed for the night. B insisted we gave it a check, so we did. It was almost closing hour, no one (visitors) was there except for the people working there. 

he he 

One chikin & One meat 

while waiting for the 'abang burger' to finish preparing our supper, i snooped around.

the first time i tried one these was when i was in elementary school, couldn't remember how old i was. an older cousin brought me to a FF that came to our small town of Ranau. I had a blast, I could see the whole town when we reached the top. it reminded me of a story i read about a little girl's adventure going to the carnival in Rhode Island. (dari kecik sampai skrg selalu berangan 'living in the States')

more snooping after the burgers were paid.

scoop up any of the rubber blowfish and win gifts.

i bet everyone is aiming for the big Teddy. but, B was sceptical and bet on his pinky there is no blowfish that leads to the big Teddy. Teddy was a lure. hmmm.

a different version of Merry-Go-Round. 

I was so tempted to try but B told me the 'pony' won't be able to hold me long HA HA.(cis!)


the entrance. 

it looked more scary than inviting to me. 
reminded me of Cirque Du Freak.

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ilyani said...

oh seronoknya.. it's been ages since I last went to a funfair!

Nay-MrsNurl said...

funfair used to be a big hit here in Sabah. kalau funfair ja mulalah beduyun serbu..kira happening lah, artis pun ramai came down to perform. these days jarang sgt ada funfair in town, klu ada pun mcm tak ramai yg dtg.

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