Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i like to see myself as a new blogger, even though there were several attempts to blog a few years ago while i was still an avid FS user and had an old blogspot account. but i guess both blogs were not meant to last forever. (let's hope this one does)..

i love blogging mainly because i get to read a lot of interesting real.life.stories from different type of people with different backgrounds. it's fun getting to know new people, their stories and not feeling like you are being nosy. hehe..

In blogsphere, there's a chance of sweet surprise like finding (or rather be found by) an old friend back in Uni years (glad you took the time to find me, Meng) as well getting updates from a dear elementary school comrade (Ernie, 'growing up' with you is one of the best things that had happened to me)..

and of course, once in a while, along the way of blogwalking (or running hihi) you'll eventually make new friends..cool friends.. :) and recently, my still-under-some-ongoing-constructions blog led me to Ilyani, who owns a blog that i fall in love instantly. i love reading her blog mainly 'cause i love her writing style (a blog or a book or an article may contain the most interesting story/information , but if I am not connecting with the writing style, i won't waste my time reading it) and course her stories. her entries made me smile (sometimes, laugh which is very good coz i enjoy a good laugh) and sometimes i found myself becoming the 'Thinker' after reading her entries. seriously, seronok! :) 

and very thoughtful of her, to dedicate  one of her entry about Postcrossing to...
yours truly!
i'm sooo flattered and most honored. What a day it is Monday; Santa Claus decided to came a bit early (tq, Meng!xoxo) and then, there is ilyani's wonderful entry.^_^ finally, not a bad monday..hihi..

check out just some of Ilyanis's collections of postcatds she received from all over the world through Postcrossing (permission to share this photo , lyani ^_^). **green with envy hihi

China, Brazil, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Finland, India, Romania, Serbia,  Slovenia
tq again , ilyani! u made my blogging day a bit more brighter than usual.
and of course to all my fellow blogger buddies, thanx for making part of your bloglife.

2 left comments..you?:

ilyani said...

hohoho.. so nice got promoted here pulak :D
I love reading your blog too! ;)

Nay-MrsNurl said...

tq ilyani.. :) glad we sorta found each other.. hihi

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