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I vowed that i will update more but somehow the free time i have at home when Alisha's sleeping or entertaining herself with her dad is more likely used to do laundry or snacking (huish, asyik lapar saja sekarang ni haha) or catching up on some of the tv shows i missed or most importantly sleeping napping. sudah jadi mama ni, kalau duduk depan tv,hati rasa serba salah.why am i watching these shows when i should be looking after alisha?then i sooth myself by reminding that this is me just rewinding after a long day.bukan lama pun..in fact tengok sekerat-kerat ja haha..
and..what does this have to do with checklist? haha.
we managed to bring Alisha to attend her first wedding reception (yeay!) last Sunday and managed a brief detour to my MIL's. this time, a mental checklist had helped with Alisha's diaper bag.first time bawa Alisha pegi 1Borneo, siap patah balik coz we forgot her formula milk on the kitchen counter top.hampeh punya mama haha..
here is a checklist i got from here. tapi boleh rajin²kan diri and Google diaper bag checklist lah juga (ni kalau ibu² senior ni nampak ni mesti ketawa.saya mamabudak baru belajar ambil galah tolong jolokan bahaha). it's good to have a checklist for everything bah kan, at least i admit i do checklist for almost everything haha.(alasan untuk sang pelupa haha)

Alisha's Diaper Bag Checklist Be right back
Thumbs upDiapers (duh.. haha) - Stock your bag with plenty of diapers, even if you don't think you'll need them all. You never know,mommies..he he
Thumbs upWipes - Versatile wipes not only clean baby bottoms but are great for cleaning hands, faces, and even blotting stains and spills. Travel packs come in streamlined dispensers that tuck nicely into bags.
Thumbs upPlastic Bags - Seal-able bags are handy for disposing of dirty diapers or storing wet/soiled clothing.
Thumbs upHand Sanitizer - A travel-sized bottle of this no-water-required cleanser is welcome after diaper changes.
Thumbs upChanging Pad - Don't get caught without a clean place to change your baby's diaper—especially if you're on the road with no changing table available.
Thumbs upRash Cream - Don't let a diaper rash spoil your trip. Carry a small tube of cream or ointment to ease baby's discomfort.
Thumbs upFood/Drinks - Bring baby food, breast milk, formula, water, and/or juice in a small, easily accessible cooler bag. Be sure you bring enough to last through unexpected travel delays. Additionally, bring a snack and a bottle of water for you, which is especially important if you're breastfeeding.

Thumbs upBibs - During your travels you may want to carry disposable bibs rather than tote dirty bibs around.
Thumbs upBurp Cloths - Cloths or a few cloth diapers are great for cleaning spit up and other spills.
Thumbs upBottles and/or Sippy Cups -  Three bottles and/or sippy cups (one for juice or water, one for milk or formula, and an extra) are necessities.
Thumbs upCamera - Don't forget to capture moments of your little one on his or her trip!

Thumbs upCar seat Pillow - You want your baby's head to be well-supported on the trip.
Thumbs upEntertainment - Soft books, toys, baby's favorite blanket or lovey, and music are must-haves for keeping a little one happy and calm.
Thumbs upExtra Clothing - Accidents happen! If your baby has a blow-out diaper, you'll be grateful to have a clean outfit for him and a fresh shirt for yourself! You'll also want to have a sweater or jacket that offers warmth in air conditioning or a cooler climate.


DSC00043 Alisha and Dad checking out the pelamin.

Alisha’s cool aunt,Nadya (my sister ler..)th_DSC00047

th_DSC00044Yours truly with the lovely bride.

Nadya with two of the flower girls.th_DSC00049

th_DSC00050 Aih sayang, mengimbau kenangan lama kah.ha ha

Alisha’s first meet with first cousin, Faiz.th_DSC00051

th_DSC00037Alisha’s brief visit to the bowling alley.
the bio-mariner having MarryBrown.th_DSC00033



janji tidak buka blog masa kerja.eh, ni baru 2.10pm. hahahahaha

4 left comments..you?:

anangmusnee@mama3j said...

di mana bah kamu tinggal ni nonny..mula2 kuingat kau ni senanjung..sabahan bah kan?

sioklah ada checklist ni..aku pelupa juga ni..saaaangat pelupa..kadang2 kalau buat ceklist berhabis pun..last2 masa kelamkabut berjalan hilanglah pula ceklist hehe..

ala mau besar2 si Jannah ni teringin pula mau ada adiknya hihii..pengalaman ada anak lg cam ada 1st baby jua ni..semua pun mau baru cam time jannah sedangkan ada yg buleh pakai abang dan kakaknya punya

eh..nanti mana tau ada time kita jumpa jumpi boleh? mau berkenalan bah

Nonny Atika said...

hehehe.. manada org semenanjung..org sabah bah.. dekat ja bah kita .. ko tinggal area telipok bah kan?(hahaha pandai2 ja).. sini aku tinggal perumahan sebelah putra jaya.. :) bah bulih bah nanti ada masa insyaAllah boleh bah :) manatau kita bjumpa d 1B ka hahaha.. :)

anangmusnee@mama3j said...

astaga mini pj jak pula... telipok aku ni nonny..telipok ria sini..

tapi kalu kita jumpa ko kenal kah aku hahaaa..mungkin kalu nampak jnjnj mungkin ko kenal kali ah..

p/s ada twittermu? hihii

anangmusnee@mama3j said...

twitterku : mama3j
facebook: anangmusnee

salam kenal :)

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