Thursday, February 2, 2012

For health it's worth it

Salam readers.he he ada bah juga kan readers.

I finally decided continue taking Obimin Plus as long as Alisha is still breastfeeding since it's the supplement I took while I was pregnant with her.i read good reviews about it.i was especially interested after finding out that obimin plus has organic contents and the only non organic is the softgel and coloring which is still safe for pregnant and lactating mommies and the baby.

i notice good results shown in Alisha's development and i'm sure part of it is from the Obimin Plus.Alhamdulillah.Obimin Plus contents DHA which is good for babies' brain & eye development tau (patutlah Alisha macam cepat betul cam muka mama dia hehe).Bah, Google for more info lah arr.hihi

Managed to get supplement for mum and cousins too.planning to get 1 more for hubby.


Jom sihat! Hehe..

Saw this on the clinic counter.365 quotes,1 for each day.Nice!
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anangmusnee@mama3j said...

bagus ni obimin kan? dulu masa kerja aku makan time preg memang sioklah rasa bangun pagi segar jak..kalu petang2 tu selalu lesu ngantuk, ngan obimin pula segar sentiasa..tapi aku makan yg biasa jak kunda ingat tapi bukan yg plus ni

Nonny Atika said...

oh ya mmg ada yg obimin yg yg baru ada plus sbb ada DHA & EPA so baby pun dpt juga khasiat dia =)

sealu x cukup tidur kan jadi kalau ada supplement ok sikit..aku ni klu ptg ja mengantuk d ofis hahaha

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