Saturday, February 11, 2012

We are Octopuses!

This was an entry to be posted on the Wednesday but we got hooked up with a conversation that I only remembered I have not yet post it mere minutes after I shut down my PC.*slap on the forehead! So, pretend you are reading this on Wednesday ok haha.#apakah?
I don't feel so good today. Runny nose, temperature a bit up, headache and joint pain. Ya Allah, ampunkanlah dosa-dosa ku.semoga sakit-sakit kecil ini membasuh segala dosa-dosa kecilku.Amin..
I couldn't concentrate on anything at work today. my forehead feels like burning and I feel like a dragon breathing out fire (panas bah nafas..demam la bah tu kan). i keep looking at the time.WHY in the world are the minutes moving sooooo slow today and when I was busy yesterday it moves in the speed of light?
I am focusing on too many things at one time in the office I am beginning to lose grasp on everything. I start doing everything almost the same time and got tangled. buat sini sikit, sana sikit.last2 semua tidak siap. Oh kejap MOM untuk ISO meeting is done and.. and.. (awkward silence…).

That’s it?


MasyaAllah. Baru kemarin bos cakap ‘Nonny is an all-rounder’ (alah, bos puji bukan apa, kasi sedap hati sebab bagi banyak kerja haha) hari ni aku collapse.shut down.kapoot! T_T. But I have my reasons. Not getting enough rest is on of them. I am also not feeling well today. Other reasons..Biarlah Rahsia lalala.

But still,we are OCTOPUSES in the office. Semua mesti pandai multitasking. Kalau tidak sihat pun, kena pura-pura sihat pura-pura ceria meriah dan kerja kena siapkan kerja-an. Most importantly, you must always be in Standby Mode ‘cause the boss will suddenly call you up, close the door and laughingly assign you with more duties. Or, you might receive an invitation like this;


Noor, I am expecting an entry about this.haha

Kak Jima said bye half an hour so that means it’s 4pm.Weedy passed by my place a minute ago so that is a sign that I still have half an hour to go before I rushed back home,shower and take over Alisha from hubby.hihi.

Eh, tadi bilang not feeling well cannot focus.Ni update blog boleh?Rolling on the floor laughingbahahahaha.bye!


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Dayz J said...


link ko tu salah. missing one letter. supposed to be will wrote bout this later.

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Singgah sini n followed u, Wasaber! ;)

Nonny Atika said...

ok dayah..will correct the link =)

thankx fadzmie..will follow u back.hhihi

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