Sunday, February 5, 2012

Foodie:Triffle Trial

Salam people. How's weekend?Aren't you just glad tomorrow's a least I do coz it simply means more time with Alisha & hubby & the rest of the  family =)

Mum told me she's getting me an oven soon. She support my idea of wanting to start baking.ok jom melonjak keriangan ramai-ramai.hihi. I didn't actually ask for it, just told her i might save up some extra cash every month until i can buy myself a decent oven.Thanks mom!

Mom have a a lot of cooking magazines (dad & her owns a small catering business as a side income apaert from mom's teaching career. just recently we started catering for weddings and it was a success.alhamdulillah) so during spare times, i love to flip through the mags and get psyched by all the yummies in it.haha.i've been flipping through mom's recipe mags since I was small way back when we were in Ranau.patutlah suka makan.bahaha.

Last week, Nadya and I decided to try making triifle for the first time. we were looking for a sweet sensation that does not  baking in ovens so  trifle is definitely the right choice. I am not actually good in giving out recipes, so maybe photos i took while we were battling it out in the kitchen will help hehe.

ingredients also need some sugar and water.

pour 400ml of water into a pan and pour in the condensed milk.make sure to use slow fire and condensed milk must be poured in bit by bit.kitaorang rock so we just pour one go bahaha. then add 2 spoon of custard can mix the custard flour with some water then put them into the pan to avoid the custard flour from clotting.kalau tidak makan tepung kastard mentah ler jawapnya deqnon bahaha.
arrange swiss rolls (can be replaced with other cakes or bread too) into the casserole dish.if your dish is deeper then you can stack more. ours was not so deep so i choose not to.besides, i wanted to have some of the rolls for myself bahaha

pour in the juice from the canned fruit into the dish.then cover the rolls with the fruit.remember, the juice  comes first so we can make sure the rolls are soaked by the juice.ada faham?

as for the ingredient in the pan, make sure it's thick before we go to the next step.oh, by the way, this ingredient need sugar.but you can adjust to your own palette on the sweetness.kurangkan gula dalam makanan tambahkan manis dalam senyuman hihi

once your ingredient in the pan is done, slowly pour it into the dish.slowly and make sure  it covers all over the rolls to the bottom.

it's only hallfway done and you already feel like getting a spoon to dig in kan  kan kan?

why is this suddenly pink,u asked?well, remember the yellow packet in the 1st photo?yeeesss.. we prepare a nice jelly mixture (agar--agar ler...) to be added into the dish. 1 liter of water, some sugar and a packet of jelly powder.colour of your own liking =) i choose red and it becomes pink bahaha

warning: ONLY pour in the boiled jelly after it's cooled. pouring it while it still have  some heat will ruin the custard.remember, cool and still liquid, jangan pula sudah sejuk jadi jeli baru mau dituang.hahaha.

after all is done, cover it up and put into the fridge, lagi lama dalam fridge lagi best sebab makan trifle ni sejuk oh so super-sedap.ngehehe.

so, cubalah.hihi.

6 left

anangmusnee@mama3j said...

wa.. buleh bikin salah satu menu hidangan untuk besday jua ni kan nonny..simple ja

Dayz J said...

Sample nya mana? Bawa gi office, dong. hhe

Nonny Atika said...

ya memang sesuai.. bulih bikin dlm cup kecik2 ba ni juga hehe

oh hihi.. bah boleh d usahakan dlm masa terdekat insyaAllah.. ;)

anangmusnee@mama3j said...

astaga 1 ofis bah pula kamu ni...

Nonny Atika said...

hahaha..ya nang :) aku follow kwn c dayah punya blog (Ona) n d situ aku jumpa blogmu.. :) kecil donia kan :)

azwanea said...

sedap ni..ada lagi tu fruit2

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