Monday, July 18, 2011

Jalan Kaki Hampir Sejam..Tapi Kami Rasa Bahagia

This past few weeks had been one of 'those days' for both me & hubby. I dare say that we are in one of our lowest moments. For quite a few reasons T_T. I told myself, and hubby also keep reminding me (and himself) that we should not complain because there are people with worse setbacks than what we are facing. But, as humans, we cannot avoid feeling frustrated,upset and angry. Sedihlah kan if things don't go your way?

On Saturday, our lil blue car unexpectedly broke down while I was driving to work early morning. Only Allah knows how freaked out I was but seeing mum (i was suppose to drop mum at my aunt's on the way) paled by the 'bunyi macam ada something yang patah', I paced myself and switched on the hazard lights, and slowly park at the side of the road. To my astonishment, the clutch cable broke off!

My phone has no talktime, so did mum.So I have to walk all the way to the nearest gas station to buy some airtime and immediately called hubby. I felt bad coz I have to wake him up; he was on high fever and only managed to fall asleep around 4am last night. I realized i was holding back tears when I heard how bad he sounded on the phone. Risau betul mau suruh hubby drive (alhamdulillah ayah ada di rumah, so managed to borrow his car for awhile) sebab before I left, I gave him some ubat.

Long story short, it took us long hours to get the car towed to the workshop, and it had to stay there for a few days.We cannot rely on ayah's car coz his schedule is packed between sending and picking up mum from school, and helping out my sister with her booth the whole week.

I know I've been saying this a few times, but Bie, I am so sorry for making your fever worse sebab kena berpanas berjam² cuba betulkan kereta before we managed to tow it. I am so sorry for crying too much that day but somehow the the car broke down, me receiving that SMS from the boss, not to mention other 'masalah yang sedia ada',they were just way too much for me to handle. I should've been stronger for you kan? Thank you for understanding. Allah saja yang mampu balas semua tu,syg..

Jalan kaki hampir sejam?yes, we hopped on a bus (lama gila tidak naik bas, and this is the first time we even been in a bus together..hihi) from our home to the nearest pit stop, then we walked for almost an hour to the car to make sure it was towed safely. Hubby was still dizzy and a bit feverish, and my feet was already swollen, but we made it safely to the car. we didn't complain, alhamdulillah (well, ok I did complain about the stray dogs we encountered along the way huhu) .. hubby joked about getting there in 5 minutes (which ended up to be 50 minutes lol) and we talked about our future plans along the way..

Things are not quite alright yet, especially when the fixing charges for the car will definitely empty our pockets and we STILL have some other payments awaiting..but we still have each other so we'll think of something..InsyaAllah..

How was your Saturday?

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Dayz J said...

Memang. kereta adalah the biggest money stealer. bukan saja mau bayar ccm, tapi juga maintenance. kereta aku pun selalu rosak, sedang mempertimbangkan cari kereta lah ni. harap dipermudahkan..

Nonny Atika said...

amin..hopefully ko dpt cari yg seswai dgn keperluan & kehendak ko ^_^ .. kami pun kira² mau cari juga.. sakit betul klu kereta asyik rosak ni kan..kereta rosak, bederet masalah ni ikut dr blkg..

jas imran said...

nai... masa mula2 masuk kerja dulu kereta saya selalu rosak. skali mati tengah jalan terus menangis dalam hati. sudah la tempat baru. no friends yet. laki pula jauh. i think i understand what u felt. hihi...

tapi syok kan masa kamu jalan kaki dekat sejam tu.. sambil2 talked about the future plans. sweet gila. hehe... naik bas sama2 lagi. bah take care mummy to be! =)

Nonny Atika said...

@jas: itulah tu jas.. sandi btl perasaan time rosak kereta tu.. terbawa² bad mood smpi ke esoknya.. tp tulah, dlm rosak² kreta tu, ada jg kenangan yg best.. hihi..

thanx for the wish, same goes to u & baby deedat.. ))

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