Friday, July 1, 2011

it's almost Noon!

I am still yawning..

#...dengar berita gembira dari colleagues; it's payday TODAY! tapi berita gembira untuk sekejap ja tu.. July is the month of tight budget for us both.. August will demand special budget for Hari Raya.. so, i don't think there I will be splurging some time soon.. eh jap, we still have to buy that long list of items kan sayang .. hihi **excited jap!! (maybe a movie treat for two would be nice kan sayang? huhu..Transformer ka.. **senyum dengan hati berdarah hijau..)

#2 our wedding photos are ready for pick up.. will get sister to settle the rest of the payment to our OP Nurul Khairunie & Luqman Hakim (sedap kan nama partner in photography nie.. ~wink) ..and get it from the OPs. bagus juga kalau dapat kasi can dorang reunion.. my sister and Nurul are close friends masa sekolah rendah agama dulu.. Happened so, Nurul's sister Ernie (check out Ernie Khairina's colection here!) is my hometown bestfriend.. nice kan?

#3 I am given extra duties to take over in the office,and with my current health condition, I am beginning to wonder if I can deal with it.. waking up every morning is a pain in the arse, climbing the will-not-be-operating-before-9am escalator is like a torturous exercise, not to mention the reports, the minutes of meeting.. CAN'T I just stay back at home and deal with all the files at the comfort of my own bedroom? urgh~'s lunch time .. so, need to call up hubby and see if he still wants to go for a quick lunch with me before solat Jumaat..

Apa sedap untuk di makan di hari Jumaat?

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