Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Shape is your Face?

nice haircut huh?

Hubby is pestering me about my plan to have shorter mane.. haha..aritu plan simpan rambut panjang, konon²nya mau keep long hair and buat bodywave perm..hahahaha.. khayalan ko lah nonny.. i dont see how I can maintain such hairdo, so I decided to cut'em short..sana sini pun skrg ni macam ramai yg opt for shorter hair.. panas kali kan, so kurang rimas dengan rambut pendek..but how short can you go,dear?

Hmmmm..lagi satu isu, apakah short hairdo suit my face shape?and if yes, what short hairdo yg seswai dengan wajah mak jemah yang agak 'kembang' ini? ooo..dilemma nya~

So let us learn about face shapes, maybe it can help us to find what hairstyle fits our face best..

Women with oval shaped faces are considered to be the luckiest of the lot; your face will be symmetrical and so versatile that any hairstyle will suit your face shape whether it's long, short, layered or a bob.
Characteristics of an oval face shape are:
oval face shapes
  • Wider cheek bones
  • Narrow smooth jaw line
  • Narrow forehead

You ladies with round faces will have fuller faces, perfect when it comes to aging as you tend to look younger then you usually are. However for the time being you need to think longer hairstyles to lengthen your face.
Characteristics of a round face are:
round face shapes
  • Round forehead
  • Round jaw line
  •  Fuller wider cheeks

Oblong shaped faces have a few rules needed to take into consideration when it comes to finding the perfect hairstyle. Stay away from long styles as they will only lengthen your face even more and always try and incorporate a fringe into your style.
Characteristics of an oblong face shape:
oblong face shapes
  • Defined cheekbones
  • High forehead
  • Narrow smooth jaw line

Square shaped faces are more common then you would think. Hairstyles that suit your face shape will be layered, feminine and soft hairstyles to detract attention away from your strong square jawline.
Characteristics of a square face are:
  • Wide forehead
  • Wide cheeks
  • Wide strong jaw line

Women with heart shaped faces are also a lucky bunch of ladies. Your face is a very unique shape however your soft tapered jaw line will enable you to get away with wearing almost any hairstyle. The only thing you need to remember is stay away from thick heavy fringes as these will widen your forehead.
Characteristics of a heart shaped face are:
heart face shapes
  • Wider at the forehead
  • Usually defined cheekbones
  • Tapered narrow chin

So, what's your face shape? More info on hairstyles here !!

hehehe.. muka sy bulat.. uhuk!

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