Monday, June 27, 2011

Alternatif Buat Orang Timur

Last night I decided to watch TV3's Jangan Tidur Lagi while waiting for hubby to come back from his bowling tournament ..(he got 7th place, so he bought me Rice with Butter Chicken from Daily Restaurant@Gaya Streets..sedap tau, haruss cuba~)..

photolicious courtesy of Google-licious.

Anyways, I found out that ABOT (she was once famous with songs like Camar & Aku Rindu) actually have written a number of novels. One of her novels were selected by Universiti Malaya to be launched there as a token of acknowledgement for her effort...

 Dia ni femes sebab nyanyi ala² vocalist The Cranberries tu~

She is promoting her latest novel My HappyTree, which comes together with a very nice Single (song lah~) .. check out the trailer in YouTube yer~

Quite on other novels by Abot here

reminds me of how I used to write short stories..I lost my one and only copy of the longest story I wrote based on two of Slam's famous songs (walaoweh, dulu jiwang lagu Slam I tell you~).. maybe I should start writing again and see where it brings me.. who knows I can make profit (and most importantly, feel good about myself doing something I love..)

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