Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bah.. Jom Puasa!

It's not even Ramadhan, but we are getting ready for Eidul Fitri already kan?

This year is my first year celebrating Hari Raya as a wifey. We have no immediate plans for Hari Raya (even baju raya pun belum ready.. maybe cari baju raya 'instant' lah ni jawap dia.. First thing first, kena make sure all puasa kena qada' dulu.. huhu..

Tapi yang pasti, this is going to be the second time in my life I won't be with my family at Malam Takbir.. the first time was when I was in Form 3, when I didn't balik kampung for Raya but instead stay with keluarga angkat di Kuching (I did my high school years in the wonderful city of Kuching for 5 years..)

I guess this year, my Malam Takbir will be with my hubby @ my  in-law's house..

Reaction to that:

Hmm... bulan posa ni mau buat side income apa ah? 

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jas imran said...

hari raya sma family baru la kan... :)

Nonny Atika said...

hehehe.. ya.. tp ok jg bah klu d rumah in laws then d rumah family.. gilir2 lah kan **hahaha skrip drama hari raya la pulek

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