Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi! I am AMANDA RAZAK, half Malaysian.half British.

Firstly, let me thank Almighty Allah for bringing us together, because from your name and email address, I am very sure you are from my fatherland, Malaysia. How else could I have been able to be in contact with somebody from back home after all these years.

I am so happy to hear from you. I want to get to know you better, I am Amanda Razak,I am mixed Malaysian and British, my father is Malaysia and my mother is British, i was born in London but studied in the States,i have lived almost all my life here in the UK. I have been wanting to visit Malaysia, but i have never really had a concrete reason to do that, omg.. I have never been there,i feel so happy that i can communicate with someone from my father's land and i now have hope that i will vist soon, haaaaa!!!, i am so excited. Well i am 30 years old single lady....I live in London, I work with the BMW company as a computer analyst.

My parents have everything they want in life, they are shareholders in many big companies here in the UK,so they still try to do everything for me which i dont fancy anymore, they are making me feel like a baby for too long, i am 30 years old!! for crying out loud,they bought so many bank shares for me that pays me now so much well.

I would be really glad to hear from you soon. oops!! kindly give me your name and your tel number. byeee


Nay-sihat : hish~that email is sooo scam-ish. tolonglah, people these days.. janganlah ada orang terpedaya email² mcm ni nie..(teringat kes perempuan terpedaya rugi RM 1.2mil bercinta dengan lelaki korea d FB (lelaki tu sebenarnya perempuan dari Afrika!!)

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Ju Zie said...

My husband also ada dpt emel mcm ni.. Ish2.. By the way, cute new blog design!

Lil' Sue said...

Waaa...cute blog design!!! ^^
I love it...

Nonny Atika said...

Juzie: thanx..simple2 ja..boring2 kan so godek2 la blog nie..phatetic kan these kinda emels..

Sue: thanx ^_^~

Anonymous said...

saya pun ade dpt..mmg xboleh prcye~~~ade pic lg..kn2...

Nonny Atika said...

oh sy tak dpt pulak pic dia.. ikes, dia bg pic sekali .. scary..

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