Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where's My Mum?!!!!!

Oh, i woke late on Sundays. 

Sweet of my mum to let me ZZzzzZZZing a lil bit more on Sunday. but no thanx to my devious sister for purposely waking me up so 'dia ada kawan'.Cis!!

Whoa!Where's my mum?? We haven't wish her ( I did in her fb last nite, tho ^_^)..

Sister reported she went for some reflexology session and later plan to head for some veggie shopping @ Tamu KPD..typical mum..

We were planning to make some homemade chocolates for mum but the kitchen is flooding (deng the neighbour upstairs for causing it. somehow he (or the wife) forget to close the tap or something like that. the water leaked through the ceiling of our poor 1st floor house and the whole kitchen is flooded. it's impossible to cook let alone get a decent drink with dirrty water dripping here and there T_T we had to cover everything and the kitchen ended up looking like a biohazard room.HAH! sorry no visual aids. the ceiling looked pretty err..'Dark Water'ish already.sigh ~~i wanna move out already!!!!!

Will update more whether we managed to make those chocs or not.

Need to catch up with some chores. Might be back later.

Oh, wait. we need to go to a cousin's wedding later in the afternoon. what to wear?hmmm...

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ilyani said...

so.. did u manage the chocolates or not?? :P

oh btw it's been a while didnt blogwalk (busy with exam and stuff! T_T).. luv ur new layout! :)

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