Saturday, May 1, 2010


Do you people watch that guy Jeremy Wade who hunts for  River Monster? B got me hooked (in fact, he also managed to get my dad hooked on the show haha) with the show even though it kinda creeps me out. i mean, i love fish (both as pets n delicacies, but noooo i dont my pet lah ).

 but watching the huge catfish, rumored to have killed a human being just gives me the chills. but not chilled enough to stop me from watching it every week, nor did i stop eating fish. sedap apa?rugi buat mereka yang tidak makan ikan **winking at that sumone :P

for more killer fish experiences, check out Mr Wade in


what's you suggestion on how to cook these?

Mum said this fish is called barat-barat.she told some people over here call them budubudu.(erk?) B got a spoon to compare the size. it filled the sink hoho. How to cook this aa? (Eleh, macamlah saya yang masak..hikhik) But do give suggestions, kitchen maestros out there-who happened to drop by here ^_^-..

This one is said to be in the same family with the barat-barat, only with tougher skins scales (the muncung DO look alike,kan?) Mum was so certain the smaller one is the anak of the bigger one.maternal instinct or pulling a naive-about-marine-life scam? u tell me 

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ilyani said...

ew, first time i came across this kind of fish!! are those really edible? ^^; sedap tak??

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hahahaha i LOLed at ur 'ew..' reactions..taktau sedap ke mum tak masak lg..i was told the fish is quite expensive in the market..hihi.. the kulit looks weird if u go up close hahaha..(sister say it taste like chikin..erk?)

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