Sunday, May 23, 2010

Listen To My Song, Will You?

away for quite a long time (did I saw spiderwebs already haha?)

... well, lil sister is away for her fieldwork and she brought along the source of Internet so I was left with a deserted old lappy hehe.. Not that I have much time to go online anyway..Started my first day at a new workplace last Tuesday and got started with (tons of) work. Home only around 7pm-7.30pm which means tiredness would most likely consume me. haha. 

S.O.I is with me for the rest of the week (and next week as well) so I most probably be updating more.InsyaAllah..

but for now, I leave you this, and would appreciate it if you can give some honest comment.. a nice aspiring musician sent a copy and would like to get some me out, will ya? 

p.s: ignore the 'blackness''s meant to be like that.. hihi

2 left

Drama Mama said...

dear, video tu takleh bukak pun. not available katanya

Nay-MrsNurl said...

izit?haiyoo.. tadi i ada try bukak ok jek.. takpa nanti i try to upload it in a diff format k.. tq for sparing time to listen.. :)

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