Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vere Eees My Boird?!

If a man wants his bird, u best give it to him. 


Oh well, i guess y'all figured out it sooner than i expected. Yessss, i've finally watched Iron Man 2 and I am sooo glad that my sister persuaded me to bring her to watch it despite of me worrying that I might not understand the whole story since I didn't watch the 1st installment. But, alas! I personally think the movie was worth the looong line-up to the ticket counter, the sweat of countless time going round and round looking for THE parking spot (well, we decided to valet-parked our car that night so no problem, but of course other movie-goers had to endure the parking problem.with the heat some more..sheeesh!). 

I would want to believe it was written in the book of heaven (i'm just saying this coz it sorta rhymes,ok..then again, of course MY 'book of heaven' is the Qoran.. ^_^) that my sister, B and I would get the chance to watch the movie on THAT particular night coz when we went up to the counter (smack on the forehead for not booking or buying tickets earlier!toink~)  all THREE halls are 97% full. only the rows nearest to the screen are not occupied. B and I once had experience sitting at those 'front'est seats when we went to watch the latest Terminator movie many months ago, and i swear i had some 'urat' twisted by the time we walked outta the cinema!! 

So NO-NO for those horrible uncomfortable seats. we ALMOST gave up,i tell u~(btw, why would any cinema had those so-near-to-the-screen seats on the first place anyway? I mean, why won't they set a comfy distance for those seats, nice enough that people don't have to suffer from neck injury while watching.See, when in desperate, a movie goer had to do what a movie goer had to do, so SOMETIMES, those seats are the only option of survival (HAHA!) ...heyya GSCs,MBOs [best ka tengok movie @ MBO?we don't have MBO here in Sabah.], TGVs, CATHAYs and GROWBALL(s), ni BUKAN marah aa. Purely for suggestion only. nanti kang tak pasai-pasai ceq kena ban masuk panggung seluruh Malaysia..hikhik)

Soooooooooooo... back to the destiny of Iron Man 2..We were so delighted that in the 3rd hall, seats for THREE (H1-H3) were still available! Lady luck was smiling from afar to us, for sure! 

**warning: Novice movie reviewer ahead**

I personally believe that this is one of the best action hero movies I have watched so far. The suits were great (the red suits were the original red and silver suit Iron Man had in the 90s kan?), Mr. Downey Jr was at his best playing Tony Stark and I am glad he is back on board. Enough of those dark days Robert, it's time to shine again! yes, i am fan.since the beginning of time. (don't u think it's sorta refreshing to have a hero like Tony as opposed to Bruce, Peter and Clark - no offense to SM, BM and SM fans ya, i do watch their movies too-.. his narcissism, living-life-at-the-edge, and -a-bit-of-bad-boyness is soooo much 'real-life' compared to some superheroes stereotypical alteregos). 

Gwyn did great, i believed in her character (not really a big fan but she IS an amazing actress..B immediately mentioned Road to Spain when he saw her hehe). Scarlet was a bomb, she literally knocked me off the seat when I saw her first appear!! it's a shame her character has quite minimal time on screen i would love to see more kick-@ss scenes from her. Maybe IM 3,perhaps? WE WANT MORE BLACK WIDOW,(yes?)!!!

Don did justice to 'Rhodey', at least to me he did. Quite a many fans wished he didn't replace the original guy playing Rhodey (sorry, i read about it somewhere but couldn't remember name and i haven't watch the 1st movie so, bad). 

And my biggest crush that night was Mickey Rourke!!! OMG, I swear i was watching him in awe, his character as Ivan Vanko and couldn't contempt myself from gasping so loud when I saw him with his whips (haish,no kinkiness hah). those electromagnetic whips are supercool. Whiplash, two words for u..WOO HOOOOOO!!! but most of all, i like it that Favreaux (the guy behind this amazing movie) decided to install some sense of humor in Ivan's system. I enjoyed Ivan's sarcasm, annoying wit, and those Russian accent sounded so genuine.

"VERE EEES MY BOIRD?" hahahahaha. yeah, Ivan. vere eez eet? hahahaha.

I should say no more. GO watch the movie. ^_^

Haih..thank you to my sister for the persuasion, thank you to B for the movie tickets..

And to the GIVER up there, for that perfectly nice H1-H3. I will forever remember this movie until i my eyes will not be able to watch movies, let alone walk myself to the ticket counter without crutches. hehe.

P.s: Sam Rockwell, thanx to you, I REALLY DESPISE Mr. Hammer!!!

What's a movie night without some amateur snapshots,huh? 

This was taken the day before we went for movie, 
but i'm assuming the situation was the same.
The Imposer. hihi

Combo no. 3,please. Oh, and one 1901 beef hotdog.tengkyu.

We were 200% sure the swing could carry her..but

a bit sceptical when it comes to me. but we did it!Ha Ha.

He's holding to his HD, fear of me getting a bite! grrr...

to the movies..and beyond!

The people excitedly walking to the halls for some Iron Action. ( i took this merely seconds after B accidentally knocked my P&S, sending it flying across the hallway.huh.)
WE HEART GSC's popcorns. ^_^

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aku fall in love dgn mata downey JR dr duuuuulu lg..huhuhu sexy

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