Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anak Siapa?


Please bare with me. I randomly clicked some of my old entries in 2010 and realized, I used to blog in English before. I mean, some of the times I do rojakness as well. I kinda miss those moments, but I tend to blog more in malay nowadays. (English pun bukan bagus sangatsss hahaha)

On another note, I found this entry of mine about face morphing. Basically you combined your photo and your husband and you can get a rough idea of how your kids would look like. I did this when I was yet to marry my husband, which I don’t really recommend to those unmarried couples do ( I was na├»ve back then.huhu). Not sure what is the hukum but, better to be extra careful. Sedangkan bertentangan mata boleh membawa kepada zina kan.Naudzubillah.

after morphing, we got this result:


And this Alisha today :


Any resemblance? hehehe


Updated at 4.24pm : seems to be not available anymore. but you can try doing the same thing here ! have fun!

6 left

N.Aima K said...

comel lg yg original

Nonny Atika said...

hahahaha.. Alhamdulillah ..semestinya..

rose farina said...

Alisha cutee! boleh pinjam satu hari ka nonny?hehe..

Nonny Atika said...


hahaha bulih bah... mau tau ja ko larat layan ka ngeee~ aku doakan ko cepat ko punya lil rose and lil mus..amin hehehe

Cinoi Lavigne said...

HAHAAH d mana tu software combine muka?

Nonny Atika said...

Noi, nah disini ko try ngeee..

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