Monday, October 31, 2011

Kes Berat!

Jam di monitor menunjukkan... 3.53petang. maksudnya masih ada bersisa 1 jam 7 minit sebelum boleh mencemar jari ke Fingertec untuk beransur dari ofis.. Gila mengantuk lepas heavy duty lunch tadi. who to blame? no one but me. makanan depan mata, mentekedarah ler.. hihi. Thanks to Cik Rose kita yang sudi hangkut kami ber5 ke 1B and jejak kaki ke Chicken Rice Shop..lama betul sudah nda makan di sini tau..

meal for 6, kami makan for 5.err..ada beza kah? ;p (rajinnya google gambar² ni semua haha)

 It's a small farewell makan² for Cik Rose before she embarks on a new journey with new workplace.bukan jauh pun.bulih jak kita makan² lagi kan,rose hehe? tunggu kwan sorang tu dapat new ride dia bahahaha~

I wish you all the best Rose! Glad we met and become friends. (sudah bah kan kita berr-add di FB? rajin² ko update blog ko ah daling ;p)

**Alhamdulillah..burp..oops! Ha ha.(3 kali sudah hubby kasi  ketawa saya makan besar harini..ciss!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ayat Cha Ya Nun Ta Alif

Lama tidak update..Maklumlah, limited access to Internet. memandangkan FB, Twitter kena block, so aktiviti riadah alam maya di ofis ni blogging ja lah.. kalau ni pun kena block juga, entahlah..

Haritu ada mention pasal buku Doa & Tip Keluarga Bahagia kan?Adaaaa... cuba check entry lepas..baru² juga tuh..I promised to share the contents kan? So, hari ini saya share yang ringan² dulu lah ya..

Temanya Cha Ya Nun Ta Alif = CINTA.. n_n

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum
Kalimah ini memang macam² khasiatnya, contohnya, jika diamalkan lebih² lagi selepas solat fardhu, kita akan menjadi orang yang riang dan dapat meyebarkan keriangan kepada orang lain dan membantu mereka melupakan kesedihan.. insyaAllah, kalimah ini juga menghindari kita dari ditipu & perdaya dan dijauhi dari musuh. Dalam buku Doa & Tip Keluarga Bahagia, ia dikategorikan sebagai ayat CINTA sebab, jika diamalkan (dibaca) semasa menyediakan bahan untuk memasak (ya lah, macam cuci beras, siang ikan, potong ayam.dll hihi) & kita memasak, ketika menyediakan minuman untuk ahli keluarga (suami, isteri, anak-anak) InsyaAllah akan mengukuhkan rasa kasih sayang.

haaaaa..daripada mak jemah pegi buat nasi kangkang ker.. minyak senyonyongs ker.. baik amal kalimah ni kan?

Tapi ingat, semua ini adalah ikhtiar..sekiranya Allah mengkehendakkan sesuatu, maka jadilah..yang penting kita usaha kan?

nanti next entry, saya kongsikan ayat yang dihembuskan ke kening pasangan atau anak-anak ketika mereka sedang tidur supaya mereka mudah memahami, timbul rasa menghormati dan kekal rasa kasih sayang.. dan 1 lagi ayat untuk mereka yang long distance relationship.. hihi..

Thursday, October 20, 2011


printlah (fotostat banyak² hahaha) )kupon ini..dan jommm ke McD!oh syedapnya..

Semalam masa tengah berehat and tengok Soffiya(gila jahat kan si Fiona, tiba² stress terus hilang mood mau tengok haha) tiba² hubby capai buku yang baru dapat dari Mommy Amber (thanks for the book, Aunty Faridah..we love it!) and baca kuat².. he's like that..bila membaca something he thinks interesting, he reads it out aloud to share it with me..haha.. he mentioned a name from the book..terus terfikir mau pilih² nama untuk baby.. kasi readylah kan 1 for boy and 1 for girl..nanti kita tengok siapa yang kenaaaaa.. haha..

i went online while listening to hubby reading the book (content buku sangat menarik, ada masa nanti saya kongsi di sini ok).. looking for sites with suggestions of nice names.. saya sebut satu² and tunggu reaksi dari orang yang khusyuk membaca.. he smiled at one name for babyboy in particular and asked for the meaning.. pastu tanya, "kalau girl..teda?" macam sure ja nanti dapat baby girl hahaha..

i keep mentioning a few other names in between his reading.. macam semua dia kurang berminat.. in the end, we cannot come up with an agreement. except for that 1st name I mentioned. haha.. nanti²lah kita sambung cari nama lagi kan? (any suggestion on a good website to search for names?)

buku yang dimaksudkan.

ini buku SANGAT best.pernah baca?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GiveAway:BB Cream by Cyber Colors.Free Ni!

Kamu mau hadiah?Free ni FREEEEEE... hihi

 Kamu guna BB Cream ka?Honestly, I have never (yet!) ;ay my fingers on any BB Cream out there. huhu.. bah, yalah cakaplah ketinggalan zaman.. hahaha.. belum terfikir mau try sebab ada banyak bah kan BB cream di pasaran sekarang..

This gorgeous young lady Ms Khairunie is giving away a set of BB Cream by Cyber Colors for Free! Macamana mau dapat? Sonang ajer..

1. follow her blog (here) if you haven't.(tidak rugi follow.her blog's interesting and she happens to be a creative photographer too)
2. leave your trace in her comment section. don't forget to leave your blog address, your full name and your e-mail address. share with her what are your daily skin care regimens and what are your secrets to fight your skin problems (if any). also tell her why you want to win this contest / giveaway
3. by the end of the contest she will pick only one winner (obviously).


bah.. click the link and join the GA. it ends 30th October 2011!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Rain, The Preloved & The Job

My mood is so crushed today I don't feel like doing anything even though there's tons of things to do in the office and lotsa things to consider outside it. the weather is not helping too (i remember when i was small, i used to enjoy when it rained. best bah di ranau kalau time hujan..rasa betul² macam oversea..**smiled at the thought of going somewhere abroad one day..Ernie, everyday must be very exciting for you & Aariz kan..)

Someone asked me, why do I choose to buy some preloved items for our baby? Kan best kalau shopping semua barang baru for the baby, especially it's our first baby.
my reactions: why buy something new that can only be used for a short period when you can get affordable & still usable items (eventhough it's preloved). it's not the pricetags that counts, it's the intentions what's mattered most. MIL once said when she gave us a cute coinbox for the baby "Kamu mulalah menabung dari sekarang untuk dia, insyaAllah, bila dia besar dia pun ada tabiat suka menabung".

For that, I decided not to splurge too much on baby items but concentrate on being thrifty.Mudah²an baby ni nanti pun akan jadi seorang yang suka berjimat-cermat. 
Even my mum sangat thrifty when she was raising us 3. I remember having preloved items as my tot's items and it was passed on to my brother and sister and even  managed to be used by a few of my little cousins later on. The memories passed to generations are something beautiful to reminisce about, don't you think?

Best bah bila kami 3 beradik cerita² balik pasal bibs yang saya guna then adik² saya guna the rattan baby cot, the red preschool bag.. hihi.. i want my child(ren) to be able to appreciate things not just by knowing how much we bought it for them, but why we did so. it makes sense bah kan?
MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft sample. hihi.

It was a hectic day at work but I was glad, by then end of the day, when I say my hubby smiling to me and showing me the banana fritters (haha.i was more happy to see him THAN the fritters, ok? hahaha) i knew things aren't that bad,anyway. tomorrow will definitely be another crazy busy day at the office but I'll be fine knowing he's waiting for me outside the office with (yummy foods) his smile. Senyum itu kan sedekah. Senyum itu kan ubat kepada hati yang lara. hihi..Mudah²an Allah akan panjangkan jodoh kita sampai hujung nyawa,sayang..for many² years to come.Amin..

Thanks for doing the laundry & cleaning the room,syg. xoxo!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What The...??!!

I am trying so hard not to rant like a madwoman and lash out bad words about this budding University and its people (okay fine.. di ofis ni ada sudah kawan² yang nampak saya mengamuk ala² kadar because of this problem.) but I might not be able to do so. Ya Allah bagilah hambaMu ini kesabaran...

See, our college is a learning centre for this new blended learning university based in KL. We took over from the previous centre about 4-5 months ago. things aren't running as smoothly as expected, but we tried our best to make do..

Now..why am I so pissed of about?

Tell me, how frustating it is to come out from a meeting room and have your colleague told you that one facilitator might not get her pay (which is already delayed for 1 friggin' month) because I was accused of assigning the facilitator without consent from the headquarter's approval. WTF? She received her offer letter from the bloody uni. The person incharged of Facilitator Management Unit from the uni personally passed me the letter to give it to the facilitator!! Nah, tidak kau panas kalau gitu tuh?

Long story short, the matter was resolved. But another problem arised. The payment for all the facilitators are now delayed for ANOTHER month! sudahlah memang lambat 1 bulan dari tarikh yang dijanjikan, and NOW they say it the processing will take about a month's time. Ya Rabbi.. begini teruk kah? Now I feel so responsible for all the Facilitators..especially this one very nice lady who tutored for Doctorate student for the first time with the uni. Siap kena query lagi the hours claimed. Pleaselah~ kau yang bagi dia jadual dari sekian jam sehingga sekian jam..siap dengan bukti kukuh memang begitulah jumlah jam yang sepatutnya di claim.. jadi apa masalah?

Ini baru 1 masalah tau.. belum lagi m asalah yang lebih internal..

Haih.. betul² menguji kesabaran saya.. sampai ke tahap macam mau.... haih.. cakap pun susah..

**berapa kali sudah haih ni aa.. Nonny, jangan mengeluh bah..


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Majestic Yellow MyVi

This reminds me of Abby!

photo Googled

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pegi tengok budak² training bowling @ Magellan
hubby trying out the lane
**i sure miss bowling.. maybe next year ..

Lama tidak mengentry.. kurang idea, kurang mood untuk aktiviti tambahan semasa waktu bekerja sebenarnya.. 

Hari ni pun kurang bahan..cuma mula sudah nampak sawang di blog ni so kita kasi lap² sikit la kan.. tengok orang lain meriah suasana blog **senyum..

Hari ni masuk ofis lewat 1 jam **nangis tidak berair mata.. ok sebenarnya setitis dua ada juga air mata bergenang bila hubby balik² cakap dia rasa bersalah sebab kereta rosak, saya lambat pegi kerja.. heeiii.. emotional betul pagi tadi.. but i don't blame him.. kereta kecil nan usang tu memang sampai masa mau buat perangai macam tu.. kalau sekali harung mau repair semua part² dia yang sakit, berpeluh juga hubby mau bayar.. huhu.. tu yang hubby repair one by one..tapi taulah, demam sudah kebah, datang sakit pinggang pulak..dan seterusnya..**mencuba untuk tidak mengeluh..tidak bagus bah kan mengeluh..

biarlah.. kalau sampai masa, hubby bilang mau cari yang baru.. something more comfy for the 3 of us.. the thought of it made me smile.. never knew number 3 would be something so wonderful to anticipate.. :) doakan kami dapat apa yang kami mau..saya pun doakan kamu semua dapat apa yang kamu mau.. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin (tapi kita pun kita mesti terima hakikat, kadang² Allah tidak bagi kita apa yang kita mau, tapi bagi kita apa yang kita perlu..)

hari ini dapat khabar gembira dari seorang teman.. alhamdulillah, rezeki dia. again, as i mentioned in the email, i'm glad you took the offer,girl! **bagi saya satu amal kalau kita bergembira atas kegembiraan orang lain dan memahami kesedihan orang lain adalah ..kita perlu ada empathy & sympathy kan..


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