Friday, October 14, 2011

The Rain, The Preloved & The Job

My mood is so crushed today I don't feel like doing anything even though there's tons of things to do in the office and lotsa things to consider outside it. the weather is not helping too (i remember when i was small, i used to enjoy when it rained. best bah di ranau kalau time hujan..rasa betul² macam oversea..**smiled at the thought of going somewhere abroad one day..Ernie, everyday must be very exciting for you & Aariz kan..)

Someone asked me, why do I choose to buy some preloved items for our baby? Kan best kalau shopping semua barang baru for the baby, especially it's our first baby.
my reactions: why buy something new that can only be used for a short period when you can get affordable & still usable items (eventhough it's preloved). it's not the pricetags that counts, it's the intentions what's mattered most. MIL once said when she gave us a cute coinbox for the baby "Kamu mulalah menabung dari sekarang untuk dia, insyaAllah, bila dia besar dia pun ada tabiat suka menabung".

For that, I decided not to splurge too much on baby items but concentrate on being thrifty.Mudah²an baby ni nanti pun akan jadi seorang yang suka berjimat-cermat. 
Even my mum sangat thrifty when she was raising us 3. I remember having preloved items as my tot's items and it was passed on to my brother and sister and even  managed to be used by a few of my little cousins later on. The memories passed to generations are something beautiful to reminisce about, don't you think?

Best bah bila kami 3 beradik cerita² balik pasal bibs yang saya guna then adik² saya guna the rattan baby cot, the red preschool bag.. hihi.. i want my child(ren) to be able to appreciate things not just by knowing how much we bought it for them, but why we did so. it makes sense bah kan?
MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft sample. hihi.

It was a hectic day at work but I was glad, by then end of the day, when I say my hubby smiling to me and showing me the banana fritters (haha.i was more happy to see him THAN the fritters, ok? hahaha) i knew things aren't that bad,anyway. tomorrow will definitely be another crazy busy day at the office but I'll be fine knowing he's waiting for me outside the office with (yummy foods) his smile. Senyum itu kan sedekah. Senyum itu kan ubat kepada hati yang lara. hihi..Mudah²an Allah akan panjangkan jodoh kita sampai hujung nyawa,sayang..for many² years to come.Amin..

Thanks for doing the laundry & cleaning the room,syg. xoxo!

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Ernie Khairina said...

hihi comelnya MIL kasi tabung..bah berapa sudah dalam tu? tabung baby bah kan..

take care sweety! bikin rindu Ranau ni

Nonny Atika said...

@Ernie Khairina

ya, tabung baby penuh sudah tu tabung =)

sy pun selalu rindu ranau skrg.especialy time kita sekolah rendah..

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